Street renamed after late Archbishop Lucius Hall on Southwest Side

Songs of celebration and praise filled the air for the religious and spiritual leader on Chicago's Southwest Side.

Video Transcript

CATE CAUGUIRAN: This stretch of 79th between Damen and Campbell now bears the archbishop's name. And those who spoke at today's ceremony say it's only just a small testament to a man who lived his life for others.

- (SINGING) The source of my strength. Yes, you are.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Songs of celebration and praise for religious and spiritual leader in Chicago's Southwest side.

- No one in Chicago can deny the impact that his life and his ministry has had upon our lives.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Archbishop Lucius Hall, the founder and pastor of first Church of Love and Faith, was given a special city dedication in front of a crowd of dozens today. Aldermen Stephanie Coleman and Derrick Curtis spearheading the effort to rename a portion of 79th Street and the fellowship hall directly across from his church in Hall's honor.

STEPHANIE COLEMAN: What better way to honor him on his-- around his birthday, on this Palm Sunday, as we are healing from a loss.

DERRICK CURTIS: His legacy will live on throughout this community, through the new fellowship hall in his honor and every time someone passes this church.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Hall had served in the military and worked for the federal government before organizing the First Church of Love and Faith in 1980. He was ordained a minister that same year. A decade late, Hall was appointed chairman of the Human Resources Board for the city of Chicago. Hall passed away last April due to complications from COVID-19.