Chicago teens break Guinness world record while raising money for Ukraine

STORY: Chicago teens have created a Guinness world record-breaking 'cereal mosaic'

[Michael Kotcher, Chicago Children United for Ukraine]

“We wanted to raise awareness for Ukraine. So, we decided to break a record with a good cause behind it.”

5,000 boxes of cereal gifted by Kellogg's form a massive Ukrainian flag

Corn Pops for yellow

Rice Krispies' for blue

Proceeds from the fundraiser are going to help non-profit Razom for Ukraine

[Ryder Shiffman, Chicago Children United for Ukraine]

“We came up with this because originally, Michael and I, every time we came down or stuff like that, we ate cereal. We love cereal so much, so we decided we were like, ‘oh, let’s use cereal as a perfect food to create the mosaic.’ A cereal box mosaic. And when we decided that, we were like, ‘what are we going to do with the cereal boxes when we’re done with it?’ Then we were like, ‘we should donate it to a charity or something like that.’ So, we decided to donate it to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.”