Chicago travel advisory expanded to 14 states with surging COVID-19 cases; Lollapalooza is still on: Arwady

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The city of Chicago is on pace to hit the 200-case-per-day benchmark for potential new restrictions “within the next few days,” but Lollapalooza remains scheduled to happen, top doctor Allison Arwady said.

Arwady made the comments as she unveiled an expanded travel advisory, which asks that residents who travel to 14 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands to quarantine when they return if they aren’t vaccinated or don’t obtain a negative test. She also spoke two days before Lollapalooza is scheduled to begin in Chicago’s Grant Park.

“I expect that we will pass the 200-mark and move into moderate risk probably within the next few days,” Arwady, the city’s public health commissioner, said.

Arwady also announced that the city will expand a program offering $25 Visa gift cards to everyone vaccinated at home as part of a city program aimed at getting people booked. The gift card distribution will begin Aug. 2, Arwady said.

People can sign up by calling 312-746-4835 or visiting the city’s website.

The states newly added to the travel advisory are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming

Two weeks ago, the city added Missouri and Arkansas back to Chicago’s emergency travel advisory amid rising COVID-19 numbers in those states thanks to the delta variant, breaking a several-week streak of no travel advisories. Unvaccinated travelers returning to Chicago from places under the advisory are asked to abide by quarantine or COVID-19 test requirements.

Then last week, Chicago also added Florida, Louisiana, Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands to the list.

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