Chicago Vaccine Faith Initiative meant to promote COVID vaccination equity

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Walgreens leadership kicked off a new COVID vaccine initiative Saturday at a Garfield Park church.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Good morning, [? Stacy. ?] This is targeting vaccine equity here in the city. This effort, specifically geared toward Black and Latinx communities, and we already have about two dozen people lined up here on the near west side to get their shots. The mayor will be joined by leaders from Walgreens parent company to kick off the city's COVID-19 vaccine faith initiative this morning.

Clinics, were told, are taking place at four city churches today, including right here at JLM Abundant Life. This is part of a nationwide push by Walgreens Boots Alliance to bring more vaccine to underserved Black and Latinx communities here in Chicago. You can see the red line on this chart shows White, non-Latinx residents have received a much higher percentage of first doses of COVID-19 vaccines compared to Black, non-Latinx.

Residents represented in purple, and Latinx residents in the city represented in blue. That's based on city data from as recently as March 30th. And this disparity exists even though all three groups make up roughly equal shares of the Chicago population according to the city.

This clinic here at JLM Abundant Life runs until noon today. It kicks off any moment now. It's supposed to have at 8:00 AM, and you can see people are lined up behind us here. We're looking to see if they're going to be moving inside soon. Of course, we have a little bit of rain coming down here, but a line, starting to grow here in the parking lot. We're told this is for church members as well as those who live in the nearby community. So it is not open to the general public. The mayor will be here at 9:00 AM.