Weather delays Moderna vaccine shipments

The preliminary 7-day statewide test positivity rate sits at 3.3%. On Thursday the state reported 1,966 virus cases and 72 deaths.

Video Transcript

ERIC HORNG: The vaccination clinic here at Malcolm X College, among the city run sites that were closed. They're expected to reopen tomorrow, but officials say if you have appointments elsewhere in the city you should call ahead.

At the Lake County, Illinois fairgrounds and the fairgrounds in DuPage, massive plow operations allowed vaccinations to proceed. At outpatient provider, Innovative Express Care, concerns about no shows did not materialize. Only two patients canceled.

ERIC NIKOLAUS: I've really been wanting to get this vaccine. So if I had to walk I want to walk the hour over here. I wouldn't miss this appointment.

ERIC HORNG: But all four City of Chicago testing locations were closed, as were all six city run vaccination sites. Though officials say it wasn't because those points of dispensing were snowed in, but because vaccine shipments, originating in Tennessee, did not arrive. Canceled appointments will be rescheduled.

DR ALLISON ARWADY: We expect to get them all in early next week and all of them will be in within the next two weeks.

ERIC HORNG: Officials say those city run sites will reopen in the morning and appointments kept, but outpatient providers in a city that generally receive the Moderna vaccine could see disruptions as Moderna shipments continue to be delayed.

DR ALLISON ARWADY: I encourage you to call them and talk to them about their vaccine supplies and plans.

ERIC HORNG: State officials say they were able to avoid similar disruptions in supply by preordering additional vaccine and storing it in the event of bad weather and so officials say local health departments outside Cook County will continue to receive those state shipment.