Chicago Weather: Break Out The Umbrella Again

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Wow, and you know what? If you want to fire up the grill this evening, maybe, a normal grill, not bad because it's just a little breezy out there. Those southerly winds helped carry our temperature to 68 for a high. And right now, we are at 67. Our sun goes down now at 7:06. So it's going to be a brighter, mild evening here as we step into our first full week of spring.

And around the area, everybody made it into the 60s for daytime highs. But right now, I'm noticing in McHenry, we're dipping into the upper 50s. Even a little stray shower there the last couple of hours. Not amounting to much, but turning cloudy.

That's going to be the case for us this evening. And some of us will see that shower chance. But all of us will see a good chance of organized rain as we get into this time tomorrow, I'm thinking tomorrow afternoon and evening, is going to be the height some rain accumulation of up to an inch in some spots. And you might even hear some Thunder. As well.

But we are going to stay mild ahead of the system, and even behind it once it passes. Wednesday high temperatures still topping out in the 60s for us. So clouds keep gathering in, and we see that rain very light though from Rockford up to Burlington, and gaining in on the Milwaukee area, really. It was over Racine, but continues to lift to the north. So we would just be brushed with a scattered sprinkle of rain this evening and tonight.

Otherwise, we're waiting on the center of the storm to move in, and that really is down in the Plains, still. Actually, it's pulling through the Texas Panhandle. And it's going to tap some moisture from the Gulf of Mexico as it works its way into the Chicago area. And that's going to draw in more mild air tomorrow and also some rain chances. So for tonight, I'm thinking mostly cloudy.

Maybe a few sprinkles, but otherwise just cloudy. And it's a mild night, considering we will hold in the low 50s and our normal daytime high is 49. So it is going to be a mild night for us. And then during the day tomorrow, we will top out in the 60s for the most part, I think the North Shore could see a little bit of a lake breeze developing.

But those rain chances increasing as we get into the late day hours. So we're watching this system, maybe a sprinkle of rain tonight through daybreak, but otherwise between about 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM tomorrow, we're going to see the height of that rain moving through. And then just a scattered leftover shower on Wednesday morning before the whole system finally moves out of the picture.

And that could leave some areas with that half inch to maybe an inch of rain. So that's just what we're watching for rain amounts as this system rolls through. But it really depends who gets under those downpours. So you can kind of see, Brad and Erica, that every other day we're seeing chances for some showers, as a number of systems move through the area. But this evening, breezy and mild for us as we enjoy those longer, lighter evenings.

- All right, thank you Mary Kay.