Chicago Weather: Breezy Through Sunset

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the 5 p.m. forecast for Thursday, March 11, 2021.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Time to check on the weather. And a live look outside. Sunny and in the 50s today. Let's just replicate this, man, put it in the printer every day. Mary Kay, what are we looking forward to?

MARY KAY KLEIST: I can do that for your Friday and your Saturday, too, Brad and Irika. We are off to a dry start for this weekend. We have dry, high pressure moving in. And remember, this is our weekend when we spring forward. Daylight saving time begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday. And Sunday we are watching for our next system to bring us a few sprinkles of rain, especially late in the day towards sunset.

But for now, we're at 52 degrees. Our high of 64, that was in the midnight hour. And then, the front came through and temperatures started dropping throughout the day. So those early morning showers were replaced with clearing skies all because of this wind generally pulling out of the west and southwest during the day.

We still have a wind at 15 miles per hour. But as we get into tonight and the sunset hour, that's when these winds start to die down for us. So we're in the mid 50s from La Porte, to Valparaiso, to Gary. 50 degrees in Aurora. 49 right now in DeKalb. And 51 in McHenry. So with high pressure building across our region, that is keeping all the clouds and showers far to the south of us.

So we will have a nice, clear evening as those winds die down. When that ridge of high pressure gets overhead, you start to get a lighter wind flow. And temperatures through the night will be falling through the low 40s at midnight, and then into the morning hours. I'm thinking we will see an overnight low of about 36 degrees on average with a mostly clear sky, but probably falling to the freezing mark in DeKalb, and Morris, and Kankakee. 35 tonight in Gary, and 34 in Waukegan.

Now for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. And high temperatures will be running 10 degrees warmer than normal. We should be at 45, going with 55 for your Friday. Winds will be out of the northwest at first, then becoming a little northerly in the afternoon at 10 to 15 miles per hour. So you might get a little bit of lakefront cooling when those winds turn more northerly.

So in Gary about 49, La Porte as well. And Waukegan about 50. 57 tomorrow, though, when you head inland to Joliet. 56 in Morris, and 56 degrees also in Ottawa. Now, your weekend planner is nice and bright for Saturday, still in the 50s. Sunday, our next front coming in, a lake breeze really pushing through at 15 to 20. And a few sprinkles of rain may be developing for us as we get into the afternoon hours on Sunday.

But it's very light activity, most of that holding off until the overnight and then scattering about through the day on Monday. Monday morning, you might even have a wet snowflake mix in with afternoon showers. But after that system departs, then by the middle of next week, we're still looking at high temperatures near 50 degrees. So our 60s are gone, but we are still looking to a beautiful start of your weekend coming up.

BRAD EDWARDS: OK. Thank you, Mary Kay.