Chicago Weather: Chilly Wednesday Night And Thursday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the 6 p.m. forecast for Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Video Transcript

- Mary Kay is back now with a real-time check on the forecast. Mary Kay.

MARY KAY KLEIST: And what a change today. You know, yesterday, we made it to 67. Today, 44 was the high. And right now, we're standing at 39. Those winds are gusting, though, at 22 miles per hour. And they're pulling in that cold air.

So it feels like 28 right now in Aurora, 26 in De Kalb, feels like 32 in Gary, 33, Valparaiso, 28 in Rensselaer. So we have a windchill tonight and also tomorrow to talk about the front has pushed through. There's enough instability behind the front that could touch off a few flurries or sprinkles.

Now, the radar's a little overdone here. But just know that a flurry or a sprinkle is possible this evening as that chilly air continues to move in. So hour by hour, we are going to start clearing the sky toward morning. But wow, temperatures start falling fast.

We'll have lows tonight in the middle 20s in many places and then with that cold northwest wind coming over the relatively warmer waters of the lake. Water temperature's about 48 degrees. In the morning, we're going to watch northwest Indiana.

Here's 5:00 AM to see Lake-enhanced snow showers. Some areas could have grassy accumulation. This lasts through the morning rush. Here's 10 AM. And some lake-enhanced clouds are possible through Cook County as we go through the day.

But all day long, I think many of us are going to be feeling like the 20s and holding in the 30s. So that first pitch tomorrow at Wrigley is 35 degrees. But you have to factor in that north wind. It's going to feel like 25 degrees at Wrigley Field.

So our plan of tomorrow-- I want you to look at these numbers here. The blue numbers indicate the windchill values. So 18 will be the feels like temperature at 9:00 AM, 27 at noon, feeling like 31 at 3 o'clock.

At least, we will have some sunshine in the forecast. But tomorrow's the coldest day of the week. So 39 for the high. And then Friday, we go back to where we should be, advertise 53 degrees. We'll be close to that on Friday.

We'll be sunny, but notice the wind change. We go from those chilly north winds tomorrow to a southwesterly wind on Friday. And that's the key to our weekend.

Look at the warm-up. We're going to start pairing some 70s on the weekend. And then Monday and Tuesday heading into next week, middle 70s to start the week. The climate prediction center as we look next week.

The chance above average? Yes, we fit in that category for warmer than normal temperatures all of next week. So that's good news. So tomorrow's our cold one with 39 degrees but sunshine. But those cold north winds will be with us making it feel like the 20s much of the day. Friday, 51.

And then Easter weekend's looking beautiful with highs 70 degrees. And the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, some mid-70s here, low 70s. And as you can see, not a big rain event coming at all over the next few days. Just that little lake enhancement tomorrow morning for Northwest Indiana.

- Yes, we get through that and boy, we've got a reward on the other side. Thank you, Mary Kay.