Chicago Weather: Some Clouds This Weekend

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Nice out there, nice day. Mary Kay, what is in store for the weekend? Going to be all right?

MARY KAY KLEIST: Yeah, it is, because temperatures will be warmer than normal, Brad and Irika. 55 for our high. That's 10 degrees warmer than normal for tomorrow. Sunday, 48 degrees. We do bring in a chance of a few spotty sprinkles and a cooler lake breeze. So that's going to be the cloudy or cooler day of the two.

Right now, though, we do have some high, thin clouds keep sneaking into the picture. 53 was our high. So far, we're standing at 50, sun going down soon, at five minutes to 6:00. So around the area, we have a light and variable wind flow, which is great news. So the winds are going to be quiet tonight and during the day tomorrow.

It is cooler in Waukegan, though, with that wind off the water. The Lake Michigan water temperature is 45. The air temperature there is 40. And it's 48 degrees in Aurora right now. So those high, thin clouds are coming just ahead of this system, but it is going to pass to the south of us. We have high pressure in place, kind of road blocking the rain from moving in. But it's allowing those thin cirrus clouds to move in.

So hour by hour tonight, we will have it cloudy going into the evening. But I think toward morning, skies will start to clear out as those calm winds take over. And temperatures may be dropping close to the freezing mark. And those winds will be light, under 10 miles per hour. Actual lows will look like this-- 29 for you in Waukegan and McHenry, 27 in Valparaiso, 28 degrees in Rensselaer.

And then for tomorrow, we'll start with sunshine and bring high clouds in again in the afternoon. And again, temperatures should be topping out about 10 degrees warmer than normal. A light wind flow for us, so that's good news. And high temperatures should go up to the upper 50s in places like Joliet. And McHenry, about 58 there. Same is true in Ottawa, 57, and Morris, and 55 degrees in Rensselaer.

So with this ridge of high pressure sitting just to the north of us, through this evening we do have those high, thin clouds. But then, the high kind of starts sliding south. So tomorrow morning, we will be mostly sunny. And then throughout the day, maybe more high clouds sneaking closer to I-80 in the afternoon as temperatures reach the mid and upper 50s for us.

And then on Sunday morning, kind of a milder start with cloud cover likely. I'm watching this system come out of the plains. It looks more impressive Saturday, because by the time Sunday rolls around, kind of loses steam as it bumps into this dry ridge of high pressure that we have in place. So I think most of the day will be dry, but we can't rule out a few brief sprinkles of rain that sneak in. But otherwise, not much from that.

Now, this is the weekend when we spring forward. Don't forget that when you go to bed Saturday night as daylight saving time begins. Sunday night to Monday, light rain around. I had to throw in a couple of wet snowflakes too for the morning hours, because our high will only be 40 degrees. We recover, because Tuesday we hit 50. And we'll be close to that here for the rest of the week as well. So mild weekend for us coming your way.

IRIKA SARGENT: Just a few snowflakes. We can handle it. Thank you, Mary Kay.