Chicago Weather: Cloudy And Chilly For Wednesday

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Now a live look outside this Tuesday afternoon. Sunny, but temperatures are going to drop tonight. Mary Kay is here tracking. Just how low they're going to go, Mary Kay?

MARY KAY KLEIST: A cold one for us tonight, Brad. And tomorrow is going to be the coolest day of the next seven. We could even bring in a few stray sprinkles by the afternoon tomorrow. We had one front come through earlier today. That's why it's so breezy. But the second one, that's what's going to push this cooler air overhead tomorrow and give us that sprinkle chance. After that event, then we're looking at conditions cooler near the lake Thursday all the way through Sunday. That water temperature is hovering around 50. So it will be noticeably cooler along the lakefront.

Nice to see the lakefront though coming to life with some color finally. We have 54 degrees at Midway. 56 right now in Joliet. Waukegan, you are at 52. Winds are strong out of the west. And they are pretty gusty too, gusting to 18 miles per hour in Joliet, to 25 in Valparaiso and Ottawa. And winds to 23 now in Morris. So we had front number one come through. That's why we have these gusty west winds. I'm watching the second one though, because that's the reinforcing shot of chilly air that's headed our way. And that has prompted some cold air to move in around Peoria and across the western portion of the state for a frost advisory tonight.

Some of our outlying suburbs could have some patchy frost, especially west of I39. For now, we have some scattered clouds around. But up to the north wrapped around this area of low pressure, it is a rain-snow mix that is just swirling around Minnesota and Wisconsin. So as we go through this evening, some scattered clouds are with us. I think tomorrow starts with brief sunshine, although it will be chilly, about 38 degrees to start. And then in the afternoon, a few spotty sprinkles of rain. Not well organized, but certainly possible as the sun sets tomorrow.

So more clouds than sun by the afternoon. So we start sunny and then we end up turning cloudy. I think we spend many hours in the 40s, maybe touching 50. So that's the coolest of the next several days. But it still is a relatively dry and quiet forecast. I'm not expecting to see any storms or any organized rain really coming our way. Just kind of cloudy and chilly, Brad, for tomorrow afternoon.