Chicago Weather: Cloudy Skies Through The Weekend

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

- Even the smallest of drivers dealing with a few snow showers today. We found this little girl, all bundled up in her convertible, taking a spin in Lakeview. Mary Kay is here, tracking--


- --what to expect for tonight. Will she be able to get back out there again, Mary Kay?

MARY KAY KLEIST: Oh yeah. You know, there were probably a few snow showers around in her face, too. Well, those are going to be tapering off as the sun goes down. But I'm watching a system for Sunday that brings back snow accumulation. After that, a big thaw off, highs near 40 for a couple of days next week.

Today we had some snow totals up to 2 1/2 inches in Northbrook. That was the highest total I came across so far 2.2 in Schaumberg, Evanston straight up at 2. Romeoville, where the Weather Service is, one inch of snow. So maybe snow showers we go through this evening, but we're going to see this really start to die down as we go through the overnight.

So I'm getting a little activity here at Midway in Joliet, where we're at 24 degrees. It's 23 with a little sun in Waukegan as the sun is setting. So you can see this area of concentration with those stubborn snow showers that just want to hang around. That's creating some slick roadways, too. Probably along 88 here, as you pass through Downers Grove and head out to Aurora right through Naperville. Also around the Weather Service and Romeoville there, and then down to Joliet, and even into Frankfurt.

So scattered snow showers are with us for now. Those are going to be dying down as we go through the overnight and tomorrow is actually pretty quiet. I'm thinking it will be partly sunny-- that'll be pretty nice-- and high temperatures pushing close to that 20 degree mark. Then on the weekend we stay dry Saturday, very pleasant, although cold. 36 is our normal high. And then Sunday, we will watch for that snow chance, and a high of 32.

Here's Sunday morning at seven. Just cloudy and dry. The interesting part of this storm is the warm front, the warm air that's trying to mix in. Possibly bringing us a mix along and South of 80. That would tell us that this is going to be a wet snow. So that's going to put a lot of weight on top of our snow pack. The system quickly departs by Monday morning, so it's not a long lived storm and it's not a great amount of snow. Model plots are giving us one to maybe three inches of snow in spots, but it's going to be wet snow so we'll watch for that on Sunday. After that we turn a corner next week. Some sunny days and we'll push to 40 and string them together here in the middle of the week. Back to you.

- Anything above freezing just sounds amazing. Thank you, Mary Kay.