Chicago Weather: Cooler Temperatures Lakeside

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your 10 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Temperatures will be cooler along the lakefront. For the next three days, a northeast wind coming across that 38-degree lake is going to hold the shorefront temperatures in the 30s. Start heading away from the lake, though, we're finding the upper 40s. So that's for the next three days. Our front now is south of us, and it has opened the door for that change in the wind.

So all day, we had a warm southerly wind taking us well through the 50s today, and now we have a northeast wind. It's pulling down some cooler air, as well, from the north. So hour by hour, we see that wind flow light tonight out of the northeast. Overnight lows will hover close to the freezing mark. And in the morning, a little patchy fog is possible in the far inland areas. Otherwise, we'll have a few scattered clouds passing by from time to time.

But it's that wind out of the north and northeast that's going to pull in that cooling effect, so high temperatures will range from only 36 in Gary, 35 in Waukegan, to 47 in Ottawa and 43 in Morris, and the mid-40s through Kankakee.

So our planner tomorrow may start with extra clouds and then clearing for the afternoon, and keeping those northeasterly winds in. So that's going to hold the temperatures near the lake only in the 30s. And that's the case, not only tomorrow, but for Friday and even into Saturday, as well. But high pressure is going to keep things dry and quiet for us.

So a lot of sunshine will be around on Friday as we kick off the weekend. In the morning, we start in the upper 20s on Friday. Afternoon highs-- mid-40s. But again, cooler near the lake. And that'll be the case on Saturday, as well. But overall, we are expecting this warming trend. Our average high is 41-- will be to 61 by the time Tuesday rolls around. And as far as any precipitation goes, I'm just not finding any here in the seven-day planner until the tail end of it.

And it looks like by next Wednesday, that would generally be all rain, because a southerly wind on Sunday is going to change the pattern. That draws in the warm air even at the lakefront. So when that next system moves in, Brad and Erica, it's only rain because it's 60.

- Ah, so warm. So mild. Thank you, Mary Kay.

- Strangest thing. Love it.