Chicago Weather: Dry And Quiet Pattern

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the 5 p.m. forecast for Monday, April 12, 2021.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: A live look outside. Sunny and 60s to kick off the week. Very good start. Mary Kay Kleist is here tracking some gusty winds on the way though, MK.

MARY KAY KLEIST: Yeah, front is going to come through tomorrow, Brad and Irika, and that's going to bring some cool winds in. But you showed the beautiful lakefront there. But that water temperature is hovering close to 50 degrees. So if you were anywhere downtown this weekend, you had that frustrating cold wind off the lake. Well today, we cleared out beautifully this afternoon. And now we have a gusty west wind at 22 miles per hour. And we are standing at 60. Our high so far today, 62. Sun goes down tonight at 7:30 PM. And this evening does look quite nice.

Those winds started to relax with sunset. And temperatures start dropping into the lower 50s after 9:00 PM right through 11:00 PM, holding at 51 degrees. So while we have 60 in Waukegan, 61 in Gary, we're not seeing that lakefront cooling like we saw yesterday and on Saturday. Instead, everybody's warm because the winds are coming out of the west. But let's keep in mind, this is going to be the mildest day of the next seven, because I'm tracking two fronts. They're not that impressive, but they will be pushing in some cooler air mid-week. So skies are generally clear for us tonight.

I'm watching low pressure rotate here north of us, just south of International Falls. And what this is going to do is bring a pair of fronts through. And it looks like the first one will come through tomorrow morning. But watch, it's pretty weak. As it comes through, might bring extra clouds but probably not precipitation. Maybe squeezing a sprinkle of rain, but I'm not banking on it because the air mass is pretty dry here. This will set up a gusty wind out of the west. That's front number one. And then a reinforcing shot of some cool air starts setting up for the middle of the week. So Tuesday night to Wednesday looks to be the coolest time frame for us with below average temperatures and a gusty northwest wind setting up behind that front on Wednesday.

So highs tomorrow probably in the mid 50s for us. Tomorrow night though, and even Wednesday night will be chilly. So it looks like Wednesday morning we'll start around 37 degrees. Daytime highs spending many hours in the 40s. We may touch 51 for a high. But then on Wednesday night, we start falling to the middle 30s for overnight low temperatures. So tonight, 41 degrees, a clear sky for us. And then tomorrow, that first front comes through. So those west winds will get a little gusty. We'll see a high of 58. Morning sun, afternoon clouds, I think because that front's going to drag some clouds into the picture.

So we drop about 10 degrees there with the passage of that second front on Wednesday. And then Thursday and Friday, mid and upper 50s for us. Right now, the weekend looking mostly dry, maybe a sprinkle of rain. High temperatures in the upper 50s. So a lot breezy for us here the next two days.

BRAD EDWARDS: All right, thank you, Mary Kay.