Chicago Weather: Heat Continues

CBS 2 Meteorologist Ed Curran has the 5 a.m. forecast for Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Video Transcript

ED CURRAN: Here's what we have going on. 70 degrees at O'Hare. 70 at Midway. 65 at Aurora. Nice clear skies. The sun is up, and we're looking at some beautiful conditions. Sun rose at 5:17 this morning. And we're looking at 10 mile per hour winds out of the Southwest. And that's going to really warm us up today. Lots of sunshine around here as we go through the morning hours, really beautiful conditions.

As you can see, we've got nothing but sunshine to look ahead to today. And climbing temperatures, well above the 77 you'd expect to see this time of year. We're looking at about 93 degrees. Yesterday, we were able to hit 91. Today, 93 degrees in Chicago. So we have a hot one ahead of us. 93 here, some really warm temperatures as you can see. Everybody's in the heat. We're 93. We'll, look at Fargo. 100 degrees for today, really amazing temperatures throughout the entire Midwest.

Tomorrow, we'll do it again. Maybe a couple degrees cooler. I think our high tomorrow will come in around 90 degrees, increasing clouds as we head late in the day and the chance to pop a shower down in our South suburban areas, particularly. I think for everybody else aside from those isolated showers, will see some showers as we head through Monday, especially in the afternoon hours.

90 degrees for tomorrow. So another warm one. So, 93 today. 90 tomorrow. We keep scrubbing off some heat as we head into Monday with 88, and a chance for some showers and thunderstorms, isolated ones. And that chance of showers remains as we go through the next several days, our temperatures come down a little bit each day. But every temp you're looking at is above the norm for this time of year.