Chicago Weather: Hot, Humid Conditions To Stick Around

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: We stay warm and humid right into the weekend. Today's high, 89. Officially at O'Hare, 90. In Aurora 89. In Joliet and in Morris, 89. We should be at about 78 degrees this time of year. We do have a little lake breeze though. East northeast winds now at 11. So while it's 87 currently at O'Hare, it's only 74 in Lake Forrest, 77 in Waukegan. Winnetka, you have 74 degrees.

So that little push of cooler air holding us in the mid 70s. And Whiting, Hyde Park, 79 degrees. Evanston 81, and Gary 77 right now. But we are going to keep those dew points high enough that we stay for the next 48 hours at least in this uncomfortable to sticky range just because of all the low level moisture that keeps moving in.

Scattered showers are best confined here to Northwest Indiana, but they're going to collapse as the sun goes down. And we are generally clear on the Illinois side going into tonight. It is gonna be a muggy and mild night. But toward daybreak, fog develops. So poor visibility for us as we move through the overnight hours, especially near the lakefront.

Here's your start for tomorrow. We're expecting temperatures right around 70 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. And then in the afternoon, there's a tiny chance of a stray shower, but really it's not looking that impressive for us.

Let's talk about the weekend. Friday, it looks hot and humid for us and dry. This is the front we're waiting on. What it will do is bring in a chance of showers and thunderstorms activity. During the day on Saturday, we stay super steamy though, just ahead of that front. So Saturday is going to be a hot and humid day. Front comes through. Then this ridge of high pressure comes in and pulls in this less humid air mass. So the weekend is hot all the way around but only one of the days is very humid. That's on Saturday. Because then on Sunday, clearing out. Next week, temperatures in the upper 70s by Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Looking good. Thanks, MK.