Chicago Weather: Hot And Sticky Weekend

CBS 2 Meteorologist Laura Bannon has the latest 7-day forecast.

Video Transcript

- Laura, it was so exciting watching the ball park this morning. We had it live looking so beautiful, but now with fans packing the stands, they may need the sunscreen if you're sitting in the bleachers.


- And a little spritzer

LAURA BANNON: Oh, yes. Sunscreen, stay hydrated on top of that. I know it's tough, we got the big sunshine out there and a whole lot of heat out there. But if you are attending the game, as we get into the first half of the afternoon at the first pitch, we'll be looking at temperatures in the 80s with the sun drenched sky and the influence of the lake breeze. And it's going to be much cooler along the lake today, but it is still going to be rather sticky. Dew points in the middle 60s, low 70s the farther inland you go.

On the scale, when you're in that 70 degree range that's what's going to make it feel sticky, oppressive. But we see a little bit of relief coming into play as we head through Saturday night into early Sunday morning. So just hang out for at least the next 48 hours with the uncomfortableness, and then you'll get that nice breath of fresh air on the back half of the weekend. Highs today in the middle 90s, and it's going to be another scorcher. Tonight, muggy with lows in the upper 60s, low 70s.

There it's going to be a couple of showers that work in overnight tonight in the early part of Saturday morning while most of us are sleeping. That will come to an end, and then there's another ripple of moisture for the second half through the afternoon and evening, scattered chances we're looking at this rain activity to be few and far between. Most of us, if not all, will be completely rain free just feeling the heat and the humidity. Your seven day planner. Temperatures remain on the warmer side from now all the way through Monday. Sunday and Monday, we're in the upper 80s with less humidity. Then there's a big drop in temperatures coming this way on Tuesday. Typical June weather will be at 78 on Tuesday plenty of sunshine, but the cooler weather will not last long before you know, it we're back in the 90s.