Chicago Weather: A Little Warm And Sunny

CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis has a check on the forecast.

Video Transcript

- I mean, this is the best day so far of 2021, I mean, hands down. We've got the sunshine. It is the warmest temperature. I'm actually going to step out of the way when we switch to the next camera because look at that. I mean, it's just beautiful.

Even with the snow on the ground and the lake partially frozen, it's just a beautiful day, a lot of sunshine, just a couple of clouds out there for a few locations. But most of you are seeing wall-to-wall sunshine. Temperatures into the 40s. There are still a few stragglers into the 30s, but the sunshine is really helping.

And this is the main reason why we're so much warmer, a nice wind out of the west, because when you look at the temperatures, most of the Midwest is on the cooler side. And when I say cooler side, I'm comparing it to places like St. Louis, where it's 57, 56 in Kansas City. All of us have sunshine.

So what's the big difference? We still have so much snow on the ground. Once you go down to St. Louis, where a lot of the snow is starting to melt-- and this is the last 18 hours-- they don't have as much snow cover there. So the sunshine is trying to do its job. I've been saying it's just reflecting right back out into space.

So you're left with temperatures that can only make it into the mid-40s. Hey, we'll take it. It's above average by about 5 degrees. And considering this February, I think we're OK with that.

Keeping the temperatures pretty mild, even overnight, not dropping down to freezing. That's a bit of good news. That means we'll continue to melt tonight. We'll continue to melt tomorrow. But we will see some cold nights for Wednesday and for Thursday night. It does look like a shot of some cooler air will move in, pretty seasonable for this time of year. But looking into Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I think the weekend's going to be fantastic, partly cloudy skies, temperatures mid-40s. And we may be adjusting that number up. Stay tuned over the next several days to see if we make it closer to 50.