Chicago Weather: More Above Normal Temperatures For Sunday

Spring has arrived in the Chicago area! Sunday's weather will be even better than Saturday's.

Video Transcript

ED CURRAN: Spring arrived this weekend. And the temperatures have gone up as well, so cooperating nicely with the start of spring in Chicago. Right now, we're taking a look at 37 degrees at O'Hare, 32 in Waukegan, 31 at Aurora. Winds out of the south 6 miles an hour. Nice sunshine around the Chicago area, though we will tend to see some of these clouds get in here later on in the afternoon hours. We're in great shape through much of the day. I don't think we'll see a build up of clouds until we start to head toward the evening hours.

So beautiful weather for today, with temperatures climbing about 15 degrees above the norm. Your norm this time of year is about 49 degrees. And we're going to be in the 60s. So great weather again today. Yesterday, if you want to compare, yesterday was only 58 degrees. So today, we'll add a few more degrees to that. And you will feel the difference today. So nice sunshine today, building clouds as we head into the night tonight. And then tomorrow becomes a mostly cloudy day in Chicago. I think we're going to keep it dry tomorrow until we head into the overnight of Monday into Tuesday, and then we start to see some rain showers around here.

So until that time we're in great shape. Tomorrow, we'll see more clouds, anything else. But we'll also see the warm temperatures once again climbing to the mid 60s in Chicago. So 63 today and sunny. 64 tomorrow with more clouds around. And then Tuesday, 60 degrees and showery activity. And then temperatures after that come down a little bit. But at a time of year when you ought to be closer to 50 degrees, you can see that all these temps, after we get through Tuesday, all come in a little bit above the norm.