Chicago Weather: More Clouds, But Mild Monday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Tim McGill has a RealTime Weather update for Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Video Transcript

TIM MCGILL: Our first full official day of spring was a beautiful one. We had sunshine, highs in the 60s. Tomorrow will be nice, not quite as nice. But we'll see some sunshine and highs again in the 60s. But more clouds tomorrow.

Still on the mild side for us on Monday, with temperatures almost 15 degrees above average. Showers likely for us on Tuesday. We could be in for some significant rain on Tuesday, maybe a couple of thunderstorms as well. We could see some wintry weather in here by the end of the week. By that, I mean rain could mix with change over some wet snow early Friday morning, doesn't look like any accumulation.

But we'll be turning colder by the end of the week. Look at these high temperatures we've enjoyed so far today. Low to mid 60s. Average highs around 48 or 49. 64 at O'Hare, 64 at Aurora, 66 in Joliet. These are some of the warmest temperatures we've seen in about a week and a half.

We had high pressure over us, kept us high and dry today, brought us a lot of sunshine. We got a few clouds drifting in from the west right now. Will become partly cloudy, looks like, as we get into the overnight hours. But that ridge of high pressure that was over us a couple of days ago is now starting to slide off towards the east.

So the center of it moving off towards the east, more moisture coming up in a southerly breeze. That's why we'll see more clouds around here tomorrow. A couple of showers breaking out near the Twin Cities here. And we can see a sprinkler shower tomorrow afternoon from a system out ahead of the main system that promises the best chance of rain on Tuesday. That system now came ashore across Southern California yesterday, is now kind of rounding the bend here in the Southwest, kicking up showers across eastern New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle.

That'll hook up our way it looks like late tomorrow into Tuesday. In the meantime, though, we should stay dry for the next oh, at least 18 hours or so I think. So here's our forecast. Real time satellite radar tracker shows the clouds increasing tonight, becoming partly cloudy. Partly to mostly cloudy for tomorrow.

And then late tomorrow afternoon, well west of the city, could see a couple of spotty showers break out. But most of us will be dry. It's really early Tuesday morning, start to see some showers break out around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. And as we go through the day on Tuesday in particular, showers and maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder. This mile keeping the bulk of the rain out to the west of us through a good portion of Tuesday.

Other models move it in. I think as the day goes on Tuesday, the threat of rain will ramp up, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. How much rain could come down? According to this model in total, we could be looking at anywhere from around a half inch to nearly an inch out towards the DeKalb. So again, some significant rain could be coming our way, and especially on Tuesday.

Tonight's low temperature's pretty close to where our high should be this time of the year. Advertised in the upper 40s. We'll get down to the low to mid 40s. 42 degrees in Aurora, 44 at O'Hare, and about 44 degrees at Midway. Tomorrow's high temperatures again almost 15 degrees above average.

Looking for a low to mid 60s for us on Monday. Up to about 64 in Moore, 63 in Aurora, and 60 degrees in Waukegan. Your forecast for tonight becoming partly cloudy if it isn't already in your area, down to around 44 degrees for the low.

Your forecast for Monday, again not bad. More clouds, but still mild. 64 for the high, and mix of clouds and sun for us tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy skies at times. Just a slight chance for a stray sprinkle or shower well west or northwest of the city tomorrow afternoon. The best chance of rain comes again Monday night into the day on Tuesday.

Showers, maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder. Even the chances a couple of these storms could be strong. We'll have to watch out for that late Tuesday into Tuesday evening. 59 on Wednesday, so we fall back into the 50s. That's still above average, though, with a mix of clouds and sun for us.

Showers for us on Thursday as we turn colder, 40s. It looks like Thursday into Friday morning, that's when we could see maybe a little bit of a wintry mix in some spots, especially northwest of the city. We fall to 49 degrees on Friday for the high. We're back in the 50s next weekend with the chance of showers, looks like on Sunday. I'm meteorologist Tim McGill.