Chicago Weather: More Gusty Storms Ahead

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

- To a live look outside now, a break in the storms. But Mary Kay is here tracking some-- well what are we to expect for tonight? Any more, Mary Kay?

MARY KAY KLEIST: Yes, more gusty storms Erica. We're seeing the leading edge of that near the Kankakee River Valley, all of that moving closer to Chicago as we go through this evening. So let's keep a thunderstorm chance in. A lot of unstable areas in place, so we're going to keep showers in tomorrow morning. Heaviest probably around daybreak and for the morning rush, tapering off at noon. But still, leftover rain showers, we're getting this system closer to us. It's cut off from the jet stream and it's a slow mover, so what it's going to do is bring waves of rain here for the next three days, believe it or not. So our hefty storms we had earlier have moved out, but now we're seeing some new activity forming in Western Kankakee County. And I expect these to continue blossoming this evening.

Now just to the East of Pilot, moving to the North and East, this will probably brush Manteno here, maybe even the West side of Kankakee as it lifts to the North. So we're starting to see evidence now around Pontiac, that new activity is starting to form. There's a lot of unstable air ahead of this area, full of pressure, that we've been tracking already for a couple of days. You can see here, I have this in motion so you can see that counterclockwise turn in the upper level portion of the storm. It's cut off from the jet stream, we're on the mild side of it. So what we're going to be getting is that push of mild air from the Gulf of Mexico, feeding moisture into these storms as they trek into the picture for us.

But by far, the heaviest weather for this evening is around St. Louis because just ahead of that area of low pressure is where we have the greatest amount of instability. You see at 74 in St. Louis, only 55 in Kansas City. We made it into the 80s but now that rain cooled air left us at 73. But behind this system, It is 46 right now, in Fargo. These were the high temperatures, 81 at both airports. Also Gary made it to 80 in Valparaiso, 81 degrees in Joliet. But now we're going to be moving to the cool side of that system tomorrow.

Winds are calm so we may be getting a slight lake breeze, right near the shoreline. A little cooler there, otherwise 73 degrees. So here's the low, right over Kansas City. It is going to spread these storms over St. Louis, and more wants to move into Chicago. So as we go through the hours of this evening, through 10 o'clock tonight, scattered showers, thunderstorms popping up super mild. Still, 70 degrees at 10 o'clock. And then in the morning, another wave of shower activity moving in, we'll keep showers in the forecast tomorrow. Here's 3 o'clock, we're watching that hour carefully for the first pitch for the Sox. It's looking mild but definitely breezy, and maybe showery too. And even as we get into Friday, that storm system still sort of rotating in our region. And that's going to keep conditions wet here.

So for tomorrow, a better chance of showers, and then on Friday scattered showers. But then as we get into the weekend, it looks like a push of moisture from the South. Another disturbance is going to merge with this one and give us a good bit of rain, especially Saturday night. It's looking like we could see a soaking rain, Erica one to two inches of rain, possibly. We're watching that as those two systems come together. But as you know we need the rain around here, it has been dry for a while.

- It has. All right, thank you. Mary Kay