Chicago Weather: More Snow Expected Sunday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Tim McGill has your 5 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021.

Video Transcript

- Tim is looking at the possibility of more snow here.

TIM MCGILL: Yeah, just what we need, right? More snow, we've had about 20 inches so far this month. We've had several days of snowfall. This next snowfall, [? Ben, ?] compared to what we've seen, not a big deal. But it will slow things down a little bit late tomorrow into tomorrow night. Mainly snow late during the day on Sunday. It will be a heavier, wetter snow with temperatures hovering around freezing. Flirting with 40 degrees by Tuesday, that's probably the best news overall in this forecast. We're going to warm things up early next week. We got down to 14 below this morning in Aurora.

That could be the last of the sub-zero lows for many of us for the next hopefully several months. More shots of snow coming next week, but lighter snowfall, no major storms in sight. Right now we're in the mid to upper 20s-- 23 in Aurora, 28 at O'Hare, 28 at Midway, 22 degrees down in Kankakee. We've got breezes blowing out of the south-southeast around 5 to 10 miles per hour.

Those winds will pick up tonight and tomorrow. So it feels like the mid teens in our colder spots, feels like 14 in DeKalb, feels like 14 degrees right now in Kankakee. Partly to mostly sunny skies out there, it was a pretty day for us today. It was still a little bit on the cold side. This was the 16th day in a row of temperatures below average. That will change by tomorrow and especially early next week.

But the cloud cover will thicken tonight. We're watching this system sliding east. We're moving out of the Rockies into the plains, across parts of South Dakota and Nebraska. It'll arrive here late tomorrow. Winter weather advisory is as close as eastern Iowa that could pick up five inches of snow. We won't get that much here.

But maybe three, even a few spots could pick up four. So the clouds should fill back in tonight. Could see a little bit of fog. And that could make for some slick spots. Because a little bit of freezing fog in a few spots tonight, I think mostly just clouds.

And then tomorrow, this is 3:00 in the afternoon. The snow arrives in our far Western suburbs. Overspreads the city looks like by about 5, 6 o'clock in the evening. And we'll see this rain-snow line setting up along I-80 here. So South of there, your snowfall must be lighter. North of there, it would be a little bit heavier. I'll show you that in a second.

It's all out of here by about midnight. And we should dry out, looks like, for during the day Monday. And start to warm things up early next week with maybe some peeks of sunshine during the day Monday too.

Here's one computer models suggesting our far northern suburbs, 2 and 1/2 inches. In the city, nearly one inch. About, oh, a quarter of an inch down near Kankakee. Here's another model suggesting-- this is the GFS or American Model-- about a half inch near Kankakee, an inch or two near the city, and maybe two or three inches north and west. I think this is the model to favor here. The heavier amounts of snow fall north and west of I-80 and then lighter amounts south of there, especially down near the Kankakee River Valley, where you're going to probably see under an inch of snow.

So your forecast for tonight, down to around 20 degrees for the low tonight. If we stay a little bit clearer than we're expecting, we could see temperatures drop a bit more than that. But about 20, partly cloudy skies, with the clouds filling in overnight tonight towards tomorrow morning. 34 for the high tomorrow. You'll start off dry.

If we see some peeks of sunshine tomorrow more than what we're expecting, these temperatures might be a little bit warmer. But we'll say about 34 for the high tomorrow. So we could see that mix south of the city, north and west of the city, and the city itself. Mainly just looking at snow, light snow, but, again, one to three inches for most of us, maybe up to four inches in a few spots.

Now here's the best news of all, I think, for most of us, a seven-day forecast, we finally break out of this deep freeze. 34 tomorrow, 36 on Monday, 42 degrees for us on Tuesday, that'll be the warmest day we've seen in nearly two months going back to just after Christmas. We stay in the upper 30s on Wednesday, another shot at some light snow. It doesn't look like a big accumulating snow. And then 30s for highs Thursday, Friday, near 40 degrees again during the day on Saturday.

- That's an improvement. Thank you Tim.