Chicago Weather: More Snow To Fall Late Sunday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Tim McGill has your 10 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021.

Video Transcript

- Back to your real time forecast, Tim. We shouldn't get too down about tomorrow's snow. Better weather after that.

TIM MCGILL: Yeah, better weather for sure. You're going to see high temperatures warm up to near 40 degrees looks like by Tuesday, but we do have some more snow to get through before that warm up occurs, and more of the heavy wet variety, it looks like. Not heavy in terms of totals, but kind of a wet, heavy snow. We're looking at more snow late Sunday, maybe an inch to three inches across the area. There could be a few spots that get up to four inches of snow.

No more sub temperatures? I put a question mark there where that's the hope. We woke up to 14 below this morning in Aurora. It was a cold one for us, but we're now looking at temperatures warming up not only during the day, but overnight, so hopefully we're going to see the last of those brutal sub-zero lows for a long time. More light snow next week, but light is the key word there. No major storms in sight.

We're looking at temperatures right now dipping down to the mid teens in some of our coldest spots. 15 in Aurora. Actually down to 10 degrees in Kankakee, 22 degrees in Midway, 21 degrees currently at O'Hare. We've got breezes out of the south-southeast at about five to ten miles per hour. Combine that with those temperatures, you've got wind chills getting down in the single digits. Feels like six degrees in Aurora. Feels like nine in McHenry. Feels like five degrees out towards DeKalb.

So we've got mainly clear to partly cloudy skies right now. That's the way it'll stay most of tonight. It looks like the clouds will thicken up a bit after tomorrow morning. We're watching a system pretty far out to the west. You can just see the forerunner of it, a little bit of snow developing here out towards Omaha, starting to side towards Iowa. This is a system pulling out of the Rockies into the plains that will overspread the area with snow, it looks like, late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening.

We've got winter weather advisories in effect for several states out across the plains and as close as parts of Eastern Iowa. No official advisories here, although it could be a little bit hazardous traveling through the snow late tomorrow evening, because it's going to be that heavy wet snow, a little bit of a blowing, too, maybe, possibly because of some gusty winds.

In the meantime, right now, again, partly cloudy skies for us here. This is our real time satellite radar tracker, so we're looking into the future here with the clouds filling in a little bit towards tomorrow morning. The snow arrives late tomorrow afternoon. This is around 3, 3:30. Starts to push into our western suburbs. We'll time this out by about 6:00 o'clock gets into the city. And notice that rain snow line approaching the city.

I think it'll stay mainly south of the city, so along and south of I-80, you're looking at less snowfall, because you're going to see some rain mix in north of there, especially our far northwest suburbs, you're looking at the higher snowfall totals, which we'll look at in a second. By midnight, most of this is gone. Maybe a few lingering spotty snow showers well to the south, and maybe a couple of peaks of sunshine during the day on Monday. More importantly, a little bit milder on Monday, and especially on Tuesday when we really start to warm up.

So here's one forecast model. This is the European model, suggesting south of the city down towards Kankakee under a half inch, in and around the city maybe about an inch up to 2 and 1/2 inches north and west of the city. This is the American model. This is the one I think I'm going to favor here. We're looking at about three inches north and west of the city, an inch or so in the city itself, about a half inch or less down towards Kankakee and areas further to the south.

Your forecast for tonight. Partly cloudy skies for us. We'll get down around 17 degrees. As you saw already though, a few spots well south of the city with some of that thick snow cover, a little bit colder. Your forecast for tomorrow. Light snow developing late in the day, 34 for the high. Again, on average, about one to three inches. 42, Jim, on Tuesday, more light snow on Wednesday, but above freezing looks like for the next seven days. Good news.

- It is good news. We'll take that, Tim. Thank you.