Chicago Weather: Mostly Sunny For The Easter Bunny

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the 10 p.m. forecast for Friday, April 2, 2021.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: Weather for this Easter weekend is looking just about perfect, Mary Kay.

MARY KAY KLEIST: We keep climbing, Irika. Remember yesterday we had a feels like temperature in the 20s with a high of 39? Well, tomorrow we're expecting mid and upper 60s. And we keep climbing from there because we see even milder air over Iowa tomorrow. And that's going to move in for us come Sunday. Now one reason we're going to be so mild tomorrow is the wind flow. I don't think we'll have any lakefront cooling because the southwest winds will be so strong, 25 to 30 miles per hour, just pushing in all that warm air.

So gusty winds will be with us at times tomorrow. But at least it'll be a mild wind. And that's going to help warm up your Easter weekend. We will see a high of 67 tomorrow, moving into the lower 70s on Sunday. But with the southeast wind turning, I think our North Shore areas could be a little cooler, holding in the 60s. We stay dry this weekend too. But starting on Monday, a front's going to move in and stall in place. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we're going to have passing showers and even some embedded thunderstorms at times until the front passes through Wednesday night.

So in the meantime, tonight, we're clear for now. I am watching clouds North of La Crosse. This cloud deck wants to slide in our direction. So maybe when you wake up in the morning, if you're up early enough, there'll be a few patchy clouds around. But those quickly dissipate. Then we get into lots of sunshine. 60s for us for daytime highs. And those winds will be out of the west and southwest, pulling in that milder air. So 65 even all the way in Waukegan, at the lakefront. Even the North Shore will be mild tomorrow.

66 and Gary. 68 in Joliet, Morris, and Ottawa. And 69 in McKenry. So with high pressure in control, that's why we're clearing the sky in the afternoon. Saturday night, if you have plans, oh, beautiful evening for us. And not as chilly either for Easter morning. We will begin in the 40s, probably about 45 at Midway. 42 in Joliet. 43 for the morning start in Gary. And then in the afternoon, notice how it will be cooler in Waukegan, 60 there. 72 at the airports. But 75 degrees in Joliet. And 74 in Ottawa and Morris. So with that little onshore flow, I'm thinking that we will be in the 60s, probably for the North Shore up near the Wisconsin line around Kenosha and Zion.

So this weekend, we are warming things up, staying mild when those showers and thunderstorms move in. But even on the other side of that front, we do OK in the temperature department, considering our normal daytime high is 53 degrees. So Irika, when we look at this trend of weather, the next seven are all warmer than normal. What a great weekend.

IRIKA SARGENT: Oh, it looks wonderful. Thank you, Mary Kay.