Chicago Weather: No 90s, But Warm All Week

CBS 2 Meteorologist Tim McGill has your 5:30 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Sunday, June 6, 2021.

Video Transcript


- Sun seekers as far as the eye can see here on Montrose Beach. People packed the sand to enjoy our steamy weather. At one point, there were so many people down there, police closed off the parking areas just to control those crowds. Some other people were beating the heat with cool treats. A long line is worth it to get your hands on an Italian ice or an original rainbow cone. Sounds really good. So how long are these summer-like temperatures sticking around? Tim McGill is here with our RealTime forecast. Steamy, for sure, Tim.

TIM MCGILL: Yeah, definitely a steamy Sunday for us. Higher humidity. You're going to feel that over the next couple of days. We had the warmest weekend so far in about nine months, going back to late August. And this warmer weather is going to stick around. Now, probably no more 90s next week, but well into the 80s. Still above average all the way through Friday, probably all the way through next weekend.

As I mentioned, higher humidity levels, so it feels a little bit more sticky. Some drought relief possible, Monday through Thursday, in particular, in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Not a widespread, drenching rain we really need, but we'll take anything we can get.

Today's highs didn't quite make it to 90 but got close, at least at O'Hare, officially-- 87. Did make it to 91 in McHenry, 88 at Aurora, 88 degrees in Joliet, 89 degrees in Morris. Right now, we haven't cooled down a whole lot. Mid to upper 80s out there. 87 at O'Hare, 88 degrees at McHenry, and 86 degrees currently in Aurora.

We've got winds out of the South. A little bit breezy. About 10 to 20 miles per hour. That south breeze pulling up some Gulf moisture, so some more clouds this afternoon compared to yesterday afternoon. And a couple-- and I mean a couple-- of spotty sprinkles and showers out there. Not much.

We'll have a better chance for some more widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. As this big upper-level low now moving just north of Dallas nudges northward, slowly but surely, it'll increase the chance of rain around here the next couple of days, in particular during the afternoon and evening hours. Things will tend to settle down overall at night.

Here is our RealTime Satellite and Radar Tracker forecast. We keep the clouds around tonight. Might see a spotty sprinkle over the next hour or two. And then tomorrow afternoon, around 3 o'clock, the scattered showers and storms break out. They'll continue into the evening hours, then dissipate. We'll do that again, looks like, Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, maybe Thursday.

How much rain is coming? Again, anything is welcome. We're looking at, between today and tomorrow, maybe up to a quarter of an inch or so. There could be a few spots that get soaked a little bit more than this. There's a lot of moisture in the air. Add up all the rainfall in this model all the way through Friday next weekend-- about a half inch to an inch. We're about eight inches down from where we should be, going back to the start of spring. We need a lot more than that, but we'll take it.

70 for the low for us tonight. Mostly cloudy skies. Again, maybe a sprinkle or shower here or there for the next hour or two, but most of us dry. Tomorrow, we'll see some peeks of sun, but more clouds than sun overall. An isolated or scattered shower or thunderstorm mainly during the afternoon and evening. And still rather warm. Average highs around 78. We'll make it up to about 86 degrees tomorrow. A little on the humid side, too.

There'll be a bit of a breeze off the lake the next several days, so keep that in mind. It looks like all the way probably into the start of the weekend. So cooler lakeside each and every day. But scattered storms tomorrow, maybe some more on Tuesday. None of these days are going to be washouts. We'll get dry hours. Same thing Wednesday and Thursday. Mid 80s.

We cool down a little bit as we head towards Friday. But back into the 80s, it looks like, over the weekend. So this warmer summer-like weather-- and it is summer. More July-like weather-- is going to continue all the way through the weekend.

- All right. Thank you, Tim.