Chicago Weather: Patchy Fog Overnight

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your 10 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Thursday, June 10, 2021.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Right around daybreak, we could see some patchy fog, especially right near the lakefront. So watch for that. And we have that air quality alert in effect for the day and night tomorrow for Chicago just because of all the pollutants trapped at the surface. And a warm weekend on the way. But I think Friday is going to be the hottest day between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So the air quality alert goes all the way to the Wisconsin line throughout Cook County, down to Will County, and back through to Morris as well.

So we have those low level pollutants just trapped near the surface. So if you have respiratory issues or for the very old, very young, you may want to try to spend some additional time in the AC if possible tomorrow just because we expect it to be very hot and very humid. Our dew point tracker for the next two days holds the dew point temperature in the 65 to 70 degree range. So that puts us in the uncomfortable to sticky feel there, right through the afternoon Saturday. Then finally, we see a big pattern change as a front passes through the area.

But boy, today it was warm, and it's muggy now. We are at 77 degrees with a dew point temperature of 66. And winds are dying down. They're out of the east at 6, but I think that winds will become calm overnight. We'll see that fog develop over the lake, and then just start moving inland very slowly right around sunrise. So we do have high pressure-- weak high pressure that is, in place for now. And that's going to hold off any rain from the north from moving in. So we are generally clear going into the night, but we will see the pockets of fog move in. 69 for a mild overnight low temperature as the winds die down.

Now tomorrow, I'm expecting about 91 degrees. No real organized chance of rain. Models are trying to give us a hint of a stray shower, but I think we have a lot of dry air in place. We have the drought in place. So I don't think there will be enough moisture to support that. But temperatures will be soaring and when you factor in the humidity, it is going to feel pretty sticky out there. The only relief will be right along the immediate shoreline. It's a very light lake breeze out of the east at 5 to 10. That water temperature is still holding at 64 degrees.

So it will be cooler right along the shoreline, but you got to be pretty close to the water just because the wind flow is so light. So here's how we start the day. Mid 70s at the airports. Already 77 for Joliet and Aurora. 78 McHenry at 8:00 in the morning. The heat, the steam, all building throughout the day. Again, models trying to give us a couple of showers, but we're not too excited about that with the dry air that's in place. It's more about the temperature. That's what everyone's going to be talking about because of the heat and the humidity.

The change comes our way Saturday. So Friday night we're still dry, still mild. We are still muggy Saturday morning. But during the day Saturday, we are going to heat up probably to the middle 80s, but bring rain chances in. About a 40% chance. I'm not going 90s just because of the cloud deck, and the shower activity that's going to move into the picture. But it will be humid on Saturday.

Once that front pulls through Sunday, not as humid, but definitely warm. 89 degrees for the high. So we're not going to see any dramatic cooling after the front comes through, what we'll feel is a big change with a drop in humidity that lasts much of next week. So Friday is your hot one, Brad. The hottest day of the weekend.

- All right. Thank you, Mary Kay.