Chicago Weather: Rain Continues For The Next Few Days

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the 5 p.m. forecast for Monday, June 7, 2021.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Well, I was looking at rainfall amounts over the last three hours. Nothing collected officially at O'Hare, but one to two and a half inches from Morris to Western Kankakee County into Newton and Jasper. So those areas are already receiving the rain and it's going to continue as we go through the early evening hours. In fact, when we check radar we do see some individual downpours here trying to drift into DeKalb County right along 88 there. And then to the south we have a cluster of rain, some thunderstorms too around Streator.

You've had repeating rains over the last hour or so, some much needed rain in your area. Also near Dwight we have scattered rain, some of this trying to drift north to Morris, to Ottawa, running along I-80. And then as we look a little farther to the south, Kankakee County little wet, Newton and Jasper little shower near Rensselaer. So what you see is what you get in those same places through sunset.

I think in the city we won't see much of anything. But then things quiet down once we lose the daytime heating. We're just mostly cloudy through the night. If we break that cloud deck at all I think some fog could develop, so we may have some fog visibility issues in the morning. But right now at Daley Plaza it's cloudy, 77 degrees winds are out of the south at seven miles-per-hour. So we do have some rain-cooled spots, but otherwise it is 81 in McHenry, 75 Waukegan and Gary, 77 at Midway in the surrounding neighborhoods there. And in DeKalb just ahead of that shower it is 80 degrees.

But when we see dew point temperatures climb to 70, that tells you the air mass feels downright tropical, and the reason for that is this slow-moving system is tapping some moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and trying to lift it into Chicago. But see all this rain and thunderstorm activity just isn't moving, and it's not going to move a whole lot. It's just festering in place. And then once the sun goes down, it all collapses.

Everything is wrapped around this upper level low that's cut off from the jet stream. It is a feed of humid air right into Chicago. The low itself will drift overhead tomorrow. That's why I'm expecting a pattern tomorrow to be very similar to today. So showers that are around for now die down when the sun goes down, so fog overnight. Then tomorrow morning we start out again muggy, mild, mid 70s, and then in the afternoon isolated showers and a few thunderstorms certainly possible.

Even into tomorrow night we quiet down and the same pattern repeats on Wednesday, with the heat of the day we'll start to see that shower and thunderstorm activity increase throughout the afternoon. So rain chances I think are greatest tomorrow as that low is right overhead, a 50-50 chance. Then on Wednesday and Thursday we can't let go of the system just yet as it's still going to be around the region giving us a 30% chance of rain, Friday to Saturday a much smaller chance of rain.

Friday could end up being mostly dry. Saturday I'm watching a weak front come through. That's going to clear us out for Sunday and into Monday. And that front will finally cut some of the humidity out of the picture. So even though it's such a hot weekend with highs hitting the lower 90s Saturday and 89 degrees yesterday, it was a dry heat but now we have turned up the humidity levels.

- OK, thank you Mary Kay.