Chicago Weather: Rain Showers Return

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: A live look outside this summerlike Tuesday afternoon. Look, the sunshine, and you can see the reflection of the buildings on the water there. Mary Kay is here tracking another warm day on tap for tomorrow. So at least another one, Mary Kay

MARY KAY KLEIST: Yeah, we get one more, Irika. Boy, that water looks inviting. But remember, it's only 49 degrees if you jump in. But we will be warm again tomorrow. We did hit 80 today. I think we'll be close to that in many areas tomorrow. There is a small chance of a pop up shower or storm during the day as that cold front gets closer. But the greatest chance for rain and thunderstorm activity is going to be after dark, so sunset to midnight, as that front gets closer, it's drawing in a lot of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. So we could use the rain. So we'll be watching for that.

80 degrees is our current temperature. That's been high so far. Sun going down at 7:23 PM. It's going to be a beautiful mild evening for us. In fact, both airports are at 80. We have 81 degrees for Joliet and Gary. Notice the extra cloud cover throughout the area. Well, that's because we do have some clouds that are gathering here through DeKalb County, also LaSalle County. If I widen this out and put it into motion, you can see clouds from Iowa trying to come closer to Chicago. So I think between now and midnight we probably will have some extra clouds. And then these dissipate as we get toward morning.

But what a mild night. 55 tonight in Aurora. 57 and Gary. 56 in Valparaiso. And 56 degrees in Morris. Our normal daytime high is 55, so you know it's a mild night. And tomorrow, again, that pop up chance of a shower or thunderstorm as temperatures move nicely through the 70s. So we are going to, again, be 20 to 25 degrees warmer than normal. 80 in Joliet for the forecast. 80 in Kankakee. But about 70 in Waukegan. I think you'll get a little bit of a lake breeze coming in. And about 75 in McHenry and DeKalb. 77 degrees in Gary.

So as far as storm chances go, tonight is quiet. In the morning, it's quiet. Pop up shower or storm in the heat of the afternoon. But a more organized chance as we get in sunset to midnight. And then leftover showers as we reach through the day on Thursday, just because we'll have the backside of the system working through. So when we look at what the Storm Prediction Center is looking at for severe weather chances, it's highest in Memphis here, where it's a slight risk, a level 2, on a scale of 1 to 5. St. Louis could see some active weather as well.

We are not included in that. I'm thinking the height of the severe weather would stay well south of us, wrapped closer to that area of low pressure here. Now as we draw that moisture from the Gulf, you can see how those stronger storms really start to wrap in into the evening hours. So overnight, we will be wet into Thursday morning. Thursday, the low crosses the area. The cooler air is allowed to work in. And yes, some showers may pinwheel around the backside of that low for the daytime hours on Thursday, so we got to consider that because it is the first pitch, of course, for the Sox at 3:10 PM.

And there's a 40% chance of rain. So temperatures behind the front drop from the upper 70s to the 60s. But again, normal high is 55. And I am not finding that here in the next seven days, Brad and Irika. So we stay warmer than normal here for a while.

IRIKA SARGENT: We like being above average. Thank you, Mary Kay.