Chicago Weather: Rain Showers To Stick Around

CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

- We talked about those changes that have now taken over, as the clouds hang over the city, scattered showers as well. It's all part of a larger system, the upper level system that's going to roll through. This is going to take some time. It's the spin in the atmosphere.

In the meantime, it is bringing scattered showers. And that is really not going to change very much. We may get some breaks here and there. I think we could see a break later this evening. But expect showers for the evening commute then a break and then maybe some more isolated to scattered showers as we look to tomorrow morning and even tomorrow afternoon. So that's going to stay pretty much the same.

Good chance of rain today. Take that chance down just a little bit for tomorrow, still a good chance that you'll see some rain. But then that chance pops back up on Saturday. Although, it does appear the farther south you go from Chicago, you'll have a better chance for some of those scattered showers.

Temperatures holding in the 60s but then dropping towards the end of this forecast. And what I wanted to mention to you is that while temperatures still remain well above the average-- the average low is 36 this time of year-- we are going to see the temperatures drop as we look to next week. Some of the longer-range data that's been coming in in real time has suggested that we may get some patchy frost. So for some of the gardeners out there, just like to give you a heads-up. Still quite a ways down. I'm hoping the temperatures warm up a little bit more. But we've been enjoying some pretty above-average temperatures.

Scattered showers will continue. That's also good for the gardens. But the patchy frost is definitely not. Watch for that.