Chicago Weather: Rain Stays For The Rest Of The Week

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: And now, a live look outside. Cloudy right now as we look over the city. And we are dealing with some strong winds. Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist is here with the real time check of the weather. Mary Kay?

MARY KAY KLEIST: Keeping it breezy now, Irika. And tomorrow, we're turning our winds around. Coming straight off the lake, that water temperature is cooler so a cool lake breeze tomorrow for us. And tomorrow afternoon and evening, another system bringing rain into the picture. Right now, strong southwesterly winds are keeping all areas mild. We're at 56 degrees. But those winds are gusting anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour, they will stay quite high through sunset.

After that, the winds start dying down. Now, also, we have cloud cover-- you mentioned that-- and a few scattered showers are lining up against the tail end of this system that is just south of Rhinelander in Wisconsin. You can see-- I put it into motion so you can see the counterclockwise turn on that area of low pressure, the tail end of that kind of giving us those few scattered sprinkles around southern DeKalb County near Aurora and heading into Oak Brook, but very short lived. I'm thinking between now and sunset would be the chance for a brief sprinkle of rain.

Otherwise, we're going to hold it cloudy through much of the night. Lows will be dropping into the 40s. I'm going with a low tonight of 45 degrees. Again, those winds dying down as the sun sets. But tomorrow, we get windy all over again as the next system moves into the picture. And we start dry. We are cloudy most of the day, bringing rain in for the evening rush, but especially after sunset. That's our best chance to see some rain moving into the picture.

So we are looking at the wind plots all night tonight, southwesterly wind flow. Watch as that system departs. We turn our winds off the lake tomorrow, stiff northeasterly winds, that water temperature is holding at 46 degrees. So that means anywhere close to the lake, around the rim of the lake, we will hold in the 40s.

50s away from the lake and as you reach to the South and West suburbs. So what we expect is 49 degrees tomorrow, and then a high of 54 on Friday, that rain arriving in the afternoon and evening. So let's take a look at that.

Coming from southern Illinois, we'll see that rain push up for the late day hours tomorrow. That system's out of the way for Friday. So Friday is dry. But then, as we kick off the weekend on Saturday, a brand new system moves in from the West bringing rain in.

So between the system tomorrow and the one on Saturday, we could see one to maybe two inches of rain. And especially areas South of I-80, that's where we'll favor those heavier rain totals. Again, that's from both systems-- the one tomorrow, and then again on Saturday. And right now, as we look at the weekend, it's looking half wet, half dry. Decent temperatures, though, with a high near 60 on Saturday.

BRAD EDWARDS: All right. Thank you, Mary Kay.