Chicago Weather: Rather Mild Into The Morning

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your 10 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: I think we've turned a corner. 47 degrees was our high temperature. Usually we top out at 38 degrees. So relatively mild moving through the night. Steady temperatures for the most part, kind of hovering here in the upper 30s and then rising because we have a warm front that's going to be lifting through.

So low pressure itself is going to be pushing through mid-morning. And that is going to shift the winds and pull in a gusty Northwest wind in the afternoon giving us a cooler feel to the afternoon. Now, we see a lot of rain and snow farther to the north from Wausau North up to Rhinelander, moving through Green Bay. And all of this is lifting to the north and across the UP of Michigan.

But to the south, we have an increase of cloud cover, especially north of I-80 and close to the lakefront. I don't expect any rain or snow from this system. But as it comes through mid-morning, you'll know it because you'll feel that northwesterly wind get a little gusty for us.

So tomorrow, we'll feel noticeably cooler as compared to today. Today, we had full sunshine, light and variable winds. Tomorrow, we may have extra clouds at times as the front comes through and then picking up that cool wind out of the North and West.

So we'll hold the clouds. And temperatures really not changing a whole lot through the night. And then during the day tomorrow, we may touch 40 for a moment for a high and then spend the rest of the day in the upper 30s with those winds pulling out of the North and Northwest staying dry, though, for us. But it is going to feel cooler.

So overnight lows, though, in the suburbs could drop to 32 in Aurora, 33 in Morris tonight, 34 in Rensselaer, and about 35 in Valparaiso. A few spots hitting 40 tomorrow-- Joliet, Rensselaer, McHenry. Upper 30s midway in the surrounding neighborhoods there. And about 39 degrees in Valparaiso.

So on Thursday, it's going to feel a little warmer because we'll have more in the way of sunshine. And the wind flow will start to die down just a bit and pull more out of the West. So that's a nice dry air flow to help clear the skies for us before our Friday night system moves in.

Now, when we time that, Thursday evening, we're mostly clear. And through the day Friday, we are dry. But we see that cloud deck increasing with our next system. Now, this one is going to bring us a mix but a lot of it happening at night.

Here's midnight going into Saturday morning. We have a brief time of it here of a rain snow mix. Little sleet coming in. But the best snow accumulation staying across Northern Wisconsin. And look how all that's out of here by daybreak on Saturday. In fact, even the clouds will be out of the picture as well. Then later in the afternoon, we could see some clouds roll in.

But temperatures this weekend, super mild for us going into the middle 40s for both Saturday and for Sunday. Looking like a few sprinkles of rain come Sunday night. And then on Monday, maybe some flurries or sprinkles hanging around. But it's nice to see seven in a row above freezing and nothing to shovel for a while.

- Oh, it sure does look nice. Thank you, Mary Kay.