Chicago Weather: Saturday Showers But Sunny Sunday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Ed Curran has the 5 a.m. forecast for Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Video Transcript

ED CURRAN: Right now in Chicago, 40 degrees. 38 degrees in Waukegan. 43 degrees in Joliet. Everybody's looking at pretty decent temperatures for this time of the day. A light wind off of the lake at about 3 miles per hour. But here comes the rain.

Rain's already up in McHenry County. You can see it's sweeping in from the west. And we'll see everybody looking at the atmosphere, getting fired up here, and bringing some rain. And to the south, some thunderstorms are possible. A marginal chance for severe storms as you work your way to our far south suburban areas. And then a little higher, slight risk for severe storms as you go a little bit south of there.

This is off of a system that's centered well south of Chicago that can bring level three of five, risk levels of severe weather down here to areas like Tennessee and Arkansas. So we'll keep an eye on this area again today. And they do have a risk for tornadoes once again.

Here in Chicago, some showers and maybe a few thunderstorms, thunderstorms particularly to the south. Heaviest rains will be south and southeast of the city. As we go through the day today at O'Hare, just some rain showers that develop near O'Hare. Again, the bulk of the rain will be to the south, even though right now, we're picking up a little bit of rain up in McHenry County.

So as we go through the day today, some rain, kind of a dreary day. But tomorrow's entirely different. It won't be as warm as today. But we'll see sunshine around the Chicago area, nice conditions tomorrow. So 63 today with scattered storms, heavier storms to the south. Sunday, just 51 degrees, but mostly sunny skies. And 51 is exactly where you ought to be this time of year. But look at where we go from there. 64 Monday. 68 degrees on Tuesday before we turn the temps in the other direction once again.