Chicago Weather: Sensational Easter Sunday Coming

CBS 2 Meteorologist Tim McGill has a RealTime Weather forecast for Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Video Transcript

TIM MCGILL: It was a superb Saturday for us. Lots of sunshine. The warmest day of the year so far. The warmest in nearly five months as we hit 70 degrees at O'Hare, and even better, Sunday coming up. A sensational Easter Sunday.

We'll see high temperatures for most of us into the 70s. It'll be a little bit cooler right along the lakefront, a little bit of a light breeze, but even warmer tomorrow for most of us. More like May all the way through Monday. 70 degrees or warmer, it looks like for the next couple of days, and then turning cooler and getting unsettled. Unsettled, at times, next week.

That means some showers and some scattered thunderstorms. In particular, Wednesday, it looks to be the wettest day of the week. Today was nice and dry. Look at these high temperatures.

70 or more for most of us. It got up to 70 in Waukegan, O'Hare, Aurora. 70, 72 degrees in Joliet. Average high this time of year is in the low to mid 50s. Just a little bit cooler in Valpa, but close to 70, 69 degrees for you.

We had winds gusting today up to around 30 to 32 miles per hour, even near 40 miles per hour in Waukegan. So it was a little bit on the windy side force. Those winds will die down tonight. There won't be a strong force tomorrow.

High pressure across much of the Midwest, really, all the way stretching into the mid-Atlantic and the Southeast. It's centered down across Georgia, so we are on the backside of the high end. The winds out of the West and Southwest today. Some showers off to the East of the Great Lakes, but air sinking and drying out.

We saw a lot of sunshine today. A bigger view of things, looking at the watches and warnings. That cold air that was with a couple of days ago is now sweeping off towards the South and East. They've got some frost advisories in the deep South, but nice and quiet here it looks like for the next couple of days, until maybe Monday.

We could see a scattered shower thunderstorm, but the chances of rain ramp up it looks like through the middle part of the week. So here's our real time satellite and radar tracker. Here's the forecast.

We'll keep it clear tonight. It looks like through tomorrow morning, although, a couple of clouds might creep in across our far northern suburbs. A few clouds coming in off the lake tomorrow, but overall, it looks like a mainly sunny start to Sunday. We'll see a few clouds scattered here and there, but it looks like a partly to mostly sunny day for tomorrow.

So another warm one for us, and then we'll see that first chance of a shower thunderstorm in a while, right? I mean, here, it looks like late Monday into Monday afternoon. Just scattered stuff. As you can tell, it doesn't look like it's going to be a washout for us, but we could see a couple of scattered shower and thunderstorms early next week.

The wind gust forecast for us tonight staying a little bit breezy early this evening. The winds die down overnight into tomorrow morning. They get calm, and then during the day, tomorrow, the winds are light enough that we might develop a little bit of a breeze off the lake. So it'd be cooler lakeside.

Looking at highs there only around 60. Maybe some areas feeling in the 50s right along lake shore, but most of us into the 70s. Those winds shift around in the Southwest it looks like on Monday. They'll keep us warm, but it's going to bring in more Gulf moisture.

So that's why we're going to see those chances of rain go up beginning early next week. Tonight's lows getting down to the upper 30s and low to mid 40s. 39 maybe in Aurora, but 46 at O'Hare, 46 at Midway, 40 up in Waukegan. Tomorrow's high temperatures, not bad. Low to even mid 70s Southwest of the city, and again, along the lake shore in places, like Waukegan, a little cooler. Closer to 61 for you there.

Your forecast for tonight, mainly clear, down to about 46 degrees for the low tonight. Well above average for tomorrow. Looking for some sunshine mixed with a few clouds. We'll call it mostly sunny. 73 for the high, but at least 10 degrees cooler right along lake shore.

In your seven day forecast, we keep it warm. At least, 70 or above all the way through Tuesday, and an isolated shower thunderstorm possible Monday. We could see a few, again, Monday night into Tuesday, and then, I think, the best chance for an overall is going to come Wednesday.

We cool a little bit, but average highs in the mid 50s. We're just above average every day of the 70 forecast. A couple of isolated or scattered storms on Thursday, then drying out for next weekend with highs back down around 60 degrees for Friday and Saturday. I'm meteorologist Tim McGill.