Chicago Weather: Showers Friday Morning

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your 10 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Light rain may be around for the morning rush, but I'm not expecting such a widespread rain event like we had today. The rain chance tomorrow is more like 30%, and it's on the front half of the day. So I'm thinking for your morning commute- yes, there are chances for rain showers to pass through. Temperature's steady in the low and maybe mid 50s. And then in the afternoon, some drier air sneaking in.

Some of the models are hinting at some breaks in the cloud deck too, as highs reach into the 60s for us. But what we're watching then is dry weather through Friday night, so it looks like the afternoon, and evening, and night are dry until the Saturday system gets rolling. This one could bring downpours and even some thunderstorms during the day. And those leftover showers could linger on Sunday morning. So our rain chance tomorrow is only 30%.

Saturday, it ramps up to 80% with measurable rain. And then on Sunday, a 30% chance of mainly morning showers, hoping for that afternoon clearing, and then a big pattern change next week with dry weather moving back into the picture. So a little break in the activity for the moment. But again, this system is cut off from the jet stream, just sort of rotating in place. So these showers here on the southern end, that's what's going to rotate in for the morning rush.

So in the morning, we'll start with 49 in Aurora, 52 in Gary, scattered rain around. At noontime, light rain is a possibility. But then later in the day, finally some drier air starting to work in. So we'll watch this first system lift over Wisconsin during the day tomorrow, and into the night, it lifts North, pulling away the moisture, leaving us dry.

Then we turn our attention to this area of low pressure. That's what's going to bring in showers on Saturday morning. But by Saturday noontime and through the afternoon and evening, heavier rains lining up just on the backside of this low, and that's when I expect to see the heaviest rain. And those showers could continue into Sunday morning, so it looks like through Sunday noon, we could see a healthy inch of rain in many places.

It really depends who gets under the heavier downpours, especially if we get any thunderstorms going. But measurable rain, kind of a soaking rain, on the way for Saturday and Saturday night. So we will watch for that. We could use the rain, though.

58 degrees for the high on Saturday, then on Sunday, 62. Again, that rain chance is about 30%, mainly for the morning. And then we start to turn the page to a dry pattern. Monday, actually through all of next week, it's looking pretty quiet. Temperatures by Tuesday going back to where they should be- mid-50s is where we should be, but tomorrow, we're expecting mid 60s. And that rain chance is there, but it's only about 30%, so it's not an all-day rain like we had today.

- All right thank you, Mary Kay.