Chicago Weather: Snow Letting Up After Pounding Chicago Area

CBS 2 Meteorologist Robb Ellis has a first look of the forecast, and we have an update on conditions as the evening rush begins.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: Good afternoon. I'm Irika Sargent.

- And I'm [INAUDIBLE] Edwards. The snow really coming down at times today.

IRIKA SARGENT: We have live team coverage of the winter weather. We begin with meteorologist Robb Ellis. And it's starting to wind down now. Robb, but earlier, the snow was really heavy.

ROBB ELLIS: Yeah, quick burst came through. It has mostly lifted to the north, but there's still a good bit of precipitation coming down. And some of it is mixing with a little bit of rain or maybe even some sleet. As we get in a little closer to Kennedy and points to the north, Evanston, quick little down burst of some snow here, especially in the parts of Lake County where the snow may continue for just a little bit longer.

So some changes here-- Lake County, Illinois has actually been added to the winter weather advisory, but it's been dropped for everyone else south of that. It also includes McHenry, Cain, and De Kalb County. That's going to go for another couple of hours, as it's still going to take some time for this precipitation to wind down. It's nowhere near as heavy as it was when it first came through, but it still may cause some problems.

Some additional minor accumulation, likely less than a half an inch to maybe an inch for parts of Lake County. But it's also going to cause visibility concerns. The good news is, temperatures are warming up. And that will be a trend through the rest of this week. I'll have the seven-day coming up.

- Robb, thank you. Now a live look at the roads. Mobile Weather Lab is westbound on the [INAUDIBLE], dealing now with just a little bit of drizzle. You could see it slick still out there, but things moving along smoothly. Several crashes on I-65 today. Indiana State Police tweeting out photos of the icy interstate and a car that slid off the road. Police blaming slick conditions for several crashes between Lowell and Crown Point.