Chicago Weather: Snow Lifting To North

CBS 2 Meteorologist Robb Ellis has your 5 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Monday, March 15, 2021.

Video Transcript

- Another live look now from the mobile weather lab. This is I-94 West. You can see there some of that leftover liquid there on the front of the camera. But it looks like driving isn't as bad as it was earlier with the heavy snow that was falling. It's starting to melt.

Robb Ellis is here with a real-time update on the wintry weather. Robb.

ROBB ELLIS: Yeah, most of this is lifting to the north, and we're actually going to get into some milder temperatures. Wanted to start with a much wider view of the system because we are dealing with a pretty wide band of snow that extends from parts of Minnesota-- from Minneapolis all the way down into Cincinnati. But want to draw your attention real quickly to what's happening right now into parts of, say, right around Kansas City, which they've had tornado warnings already over the last several hours. A couple of tornado warnings still going on.

We are getting into more of that springtime atmosphere, so the warmer air is not too far locked away. But for us, we are seeing this lift to the north. There's still a little bit left over in the form of some light snow, maybe a little bit of wintry mix. But the warmer air is going to start to take over, and that's going to be good news for tonight. It's going to be great news for your morning commute, especially once the precipitation moves out and the temperatures warm up into the mid-30s. That's what we're expecting.

So here's satellite and radar tracker. I'll walk you through about 9:00 PM. Notice most of the temperatures here expected to be into the mid-30s by that point. So we're actually going to warm things up overnight, even as the precipitation continues to wrap up. If we do see any showers through this evening and overnight, they're probably going to be changing over to rain. Although there could be a little bit of wintry mix, but with the temperatures moving above freezing, I'm optimistic that we won't have any issues for the morning commute.

As we get into the afternoon, the temperatures continue to warm up, and we'll do mid-40s for tomorrow. So the warming trend will continue, and you'll start to see that happening tonight with the warming starting as this east wind becomes maybe a little bit more of a southeast wind.

33 I'm going to call for an overnight low temperature. Some of you are colder than that right now, but I think your temperatures are going to continue to rise.

Looking at tomorrow, probably staying with the clouds for most of the day, but I'm hoping that we get some breaks in the clouds by the afternoon. Temperatures not necessarily going to be dependent upon the sunshine. Mid-40s is what we're expecting.

And then looking down the road, the temperatures improve. Now, keep in mind the average this time of year is about 46. So over the next several days, we're not going to be too far from that but just in time for the weekend-- and I love when the timing works out like this-- we'll see the temperatures move up 50s for Saturday and Sunday. 52 for Saturday, 57 for Sunday. And not only that, while we do expect the clouds to stay with us and maybe some showers on Thursday, you get the sunshine to return for Saturday and Sunday.

One additional chance for rain. This is on Thursday. Looks like a pretty hefty system is going to roll through here and bring us a decent chance at rain. But at the moment, this does look to stay rain, especially as warm as the temperatures will be.

Looking ahead to the weekend, 52 and 57. Sunday, I think some locations could approach 60 degrees as some much more spring-like temperatures move in.

- OK. Thank you, Robb.

ROBB ELLIS: You got it.