Chicago Weather: Snow Returns On Thursday

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the forecast.

Video Transcript

- Well, some really cool video now from the Chicago Fire Department. This is Engine 2 out on the frozen Chicago River. And you can see it cutting right through the ice. Engine 2 is out on the water several times a week now to clear a path.

And Mary Kay here now with a RealTime update on more snow on the way. Mary Kay?

MARY KAY KLEIST: Thank goodness, minimal amounts for us. That big storm is going to miss us to the south. So we just have light snow in the forecast overnight, mainly from 11:00 PM until about 4:00 in the morning.

But as I mentioned, minor amounts of this. This system is going to pass to the south and also battle some dry air that we have in place.

So hour by hour, our evening just clouds up. But after that 11:00 PM hour, closer to midnight and early in the morning, we do have chances for some snow showers.

So on Daley Plaza right now, it's just wet pavement, leftover snow. We have 23 degrees at O'Hare. It's 16 right now in Gary, 21 in Waukegan. Luckily our winds are on the lighter side, so we're not experiencing a painful windchill for once.

Radar, nothing reaching the ground right now. As I mentioned, with dry air in place, I think we'll just get a flurry or two this evening before our light snow moves in tonight.

We see that batch here, just north of St. Louis, near Quincy. This is the northern part of the snow shield of that big system that's going to pass well south of us, missing us, bringing a winter storm warning all the way from Houston to Boston, where we have accumulating snow, ice problems as well. So we're going to be missed by this one and just get on the northern fringe of it.

So as we go through tonight, we'll be fine this evening, maybe a flurry. And then overnight, a couple of snow showers. But the bulk of that heavier snow is going to be targeting the East Coast as we go into the day tomorrow.

So our Snowfall Tracker, really the models are not impressed with this system either because we're looking at about an inch or less in most places. I think during the day tomorrow we could have a couple of snow showers around and that could give us a little more.

But right now, our models through tomorrow night are only looking at about an inch or so in most places. So this is certainly minor for us.

Lows tonight will range from 9 in Aurora to about 10 in LaPorte. And then tomorrow, mid-20s for us, even some upper 20s in Joliet. Tomorrow, 23 in Rensselaer.

Dry heading into the weekend, some sloppy snow on Sunday. Erica, Brad, there it is, a pair of them for you. Tuesday and Wednesday hitting 40.

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- Thank you, Mary Kay.