Chicago Weather: Spring Is Here And So Is A Weekend Of Spring Weather

CBS 2 Meteorologist Ed Curran has the 5 a.m. forecast for Saturday, March 20, 2021.

Video Transcript

ED CURRAN: Boy, we're going to talk more and more about Lake Michigan as we go into the coming weeks here. Today's the first day of spring. Things will be warming up. And it takes a little bit longer for the lake to warm up than the air around us. And today, we're going to see that air around us get up into the middle 50s. So a little bit above the norm. 30 degrees right now O'Hare. It's a much colder 22 degrees in Waukegan. 24 at Aurora. 32 at Midway. Winds are very light out of the west-northwest right now, just a few miles an hour.

Our Clouds and Radar show you we got nothing to show you. That's the great news. We'll have plenty of sunshine around here. I don't normally widen out to a view of the entire nation. But I want to show you just what a great clear area we're in as we go through the day today, and tomorrow, and Monday, and, well, at least Monday, and then things change a little bit when we get to Tuesday. Hour by Hour. Today, it'll be a gorgeous day with nothing but sunshine around the Chicago area, and middle 50s, about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday.

So we're in great shape today with clear skies as we go through the day and into the night tonight. In fact, we don't see any clouds move into the picture until late tomorrow, and then we start to get some clouds in here. Our chance of rain increases on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, there's a good chance as well. Until that time, we're dry in Chicago through Monday. So we have great conditions. Tomorrow will be an even warmer day with temperatures that get nearly to the middle 60s. And the day after that, we will make mid 60s.

55 today. 63 Sunday. 65 gorgeous degrees on Monday. And then Tuesday brings that chance of rain. That's with us Wednesday. And though temps are a little bit colder on the other side, they're still above the norm for this time of year.