Chicago Weather: Steady Temps Overnight

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your 10 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Monday, Feb. 22, 2021.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Well, the melting will continue because we are going to spend the next seven days at least above freezing. Look at our steady temperatures tonight. Holding right at the freezing mark in Valparaiso and Rensselaer, but 35 at O'Hare, 33 when you step out the door tomorrow morning in Joliet, 31 degrees in DeKalb.

So partly cloudy. We'll probably see an increase of cloud cover in the afternoon, but nice to see 40 degrees in the forecast. So it'll be breezy and mild for us. And high temperatures stay above freezing all week for daytime highs.

The only organized chance of precipitation I see comes late Friday night into early Saturday morning in the form of a light wintry mix. And the reason for the mix-- look at the temperature profiles here for the next six days. Average high is 38. That's where we were today. Well, the next two days, we will hit the 40 degree mark and go back to that as we get into the weekend.

So right now on the satellite radar picture, it looks like a mix moving into Laporte County. A lot of this not reaching the ground though. Most of the activity in Wisconsin from Green Bay to Sheboygan, that's light snow. But all of it is pushing across Lake Michigan. I think we'll just have the clouds from this, and then those will break up in the morning.

So in the morning, look at the temperature-- 37 degrees, partly sunny skies. And then another disturbance will roll through and increase the clouds. But west and southwesterly winds will push us to about 41 degrees for the high. So staying in the 40s here for the next two days.

And as far as disturbances go, well, we will watch Wisconsin really take the hit from all these systems overnight and again, midweek. Another system comes by with light snow Wednesday morning. Even on Thursday, another system misses us to the north. It's the Friday night into Saturday morning when we see that chance for a mix to come into the picture. Here's 3:00 AM Saturday. I'm thinking that will be out of here by daybreak, leaving us with quite a nice weekend, with high temperatures going into the 40s.

So [? Brad, ?] [? Erica ?] nothing for us to shovel in the next seven days.

- No. That's a relief. Thank you, Mary Kay.