Chicago Weather: Summer Temps This Weekend

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

- And this just in, we now know who won the University of Chicago's new Venture Challenge. It's a competition for budding entrepreneurs that Jim Williams told you about earlier this week. The grad students vie for money to start their businesses. And this year's winning teams got a record $1.5 million in investments.

First place goes to Andes STR, which helps people manage rental properties. Their prize, $660,000. Nice investment there.

- Yeah, congratulations to them.

- Yes.

MARY KAY KLEIST: No lakefront cooling right now and no wave action either because winds are out of the Southwest. So you really have to be putting your toes in the water to get some relief because it is hot, even standing on the sand. We're at 90 degrees right now. That's been our high so far. Through sunset it's going to be super mild, with clear skies. Sun goes down at 8:23. So if you're going out this evening, we'll go to about 80 degrees at 9 o'clock. So super warm for us and keeping those winds out of the Southwest.

Cloud cover has been sliding through lower Michigan while we are clear. So heading into tonight, hour by hour, we stay clear but we stay mild as well. We're looking at lower 70s right before sunrise. So it is a mild start to your Saturday. The air may be stagnant in places too, kind of trapping those pollutants near the surface.

So the National Weather Service putting out an air quality alert through the day, through the night on Saturday for Northwest Indiana here from Laporte County into Lake and Porter. So you want to keep that in mind, just because it is going to be pretty hot. So this evening, here's our temperature plot. We're looking at a 10 o'clock temperature of about 75 degrees.

And Gary, in the morning a nice bright start. Super mild for your Saturday, a lot of sunshine around and high temperatures will be pushing into the 90s even at the lakefront with those strong southwesterly winds. Then if you're going out Saturday night it's still super mild.

On Sunday, I was looking at some new model data and there's some evidence of some low level moisture trying to sneak in in the afternoon, bringing some scattered clouds, maybe a stray sprinkle of rain. But I am thinking that the air is pretty dry right now, so it'd be very limited if we did get a late day shower on Sunday. But everyone's going to be talking about the temperatures and those gusty winds out of the Southwest, keeping it hot even standing on the sand.

And when we look at our dew point tracker, we actually stay pretty comfortable most of the weekend, until about Sunday it starts creeping upward. But the humidity levels start climbing as we get into next week. And that's when our rain chances increase. Monday a pop up shower or storm, but really as we get into the midweek time frame, that's when we will see the best chances for scattered storms. That front comes through on Thursday, drying us out for Friday. So here come the 90s for your weekend.

- All right, we're ready. Thanks, Mary Kay.