Chicago Weather: Threat For Damaging Thunderstorms And Low Chance Of Tornadoes

CBS 2 Meteorologist Ed Curran has the 8 a.m. forecast for Saturday, April 10,2021.

Video Transcript

- It is going to be a rainy day throughout the day, and we're going to have some heavy downpours from time to time as well. Rain across the Chicago area right now is just starting up. Just started moving through Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana recently. And you can see it's progress here.

The bulk of the rain still down in central Illinois but headed up this way. And as this system intensifies comes in here, it lifts a warm front up in Chicago. And there is the possibility that we could have some severe weather triggered out of this.

There is a low chance, a marginal chance for severe weather in the green area. And within that area, one of the threats is a very, very low chance that we could spin up a tornado, especially to the South as this warm front comes up. Now this is all a very low chance but we want you to be aware of it.

So we stay in touch with the weather as you go through the day today. Right now, 52 degrees with raindrops at O'Hare as rain starts to overspread the area. Winds are fairly light out there right now, though gusts up to about 20 miles an hour later today.

So the rain starts up, thunderstorms this afternoon, some of which can deliver some heavy downpours and some of which could be strong or severe. So stay in touch with the weather. You can see that by midday, we start to intensify the rain.

And we have some good rainfall as we go through the afternoon hours. And then tonight, it becomes more showery, tomorrow morning more showery before it finally tapers off. Our day today, we'll see high temperatures in the upper 50s, tomorrow we see the low 50s around the Chicago area with rain through about half the day.

And 63 then on Monday with sunshine and that's the good news is that through the weekdays, we hold on the Sunshine and decent temperatures around the Chicago area.