Chicago Weather: Unseasonably Warm Weekend With Excellent Easter Weather; Elevated Fire Risk Saturday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Tammie Souza has the 5 a.m. forecast fore Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Video Transcript

TAMMIE SOUZA: Actually it is a sleepy Saturday. It's kind of a quiet morning out here, Marissa.

And for all of you at home, we're dealing with a few clouds out there, but a mainly clear start to your morning. So it is going to be a very pleasant day as we look across the city.

Temperatures are actually very, very comfortable. 42 degrees right now at the big airport. That does feel like 35. Because we have these winds out of the South and Southwest gusting to about 21 miles an hour. Those winds will be our friend this weekend. If you have been jonesing for a weekend in the 60s and 70s, this is the one.

Now, we do have a few hiccups that we're going to have to talk about-- low humidity and an elevated fire danger with the breezy conditions today. So just be aware of that if you're going to plan any outdoor barbecues this afternoon. Be very careful.

Temperatures around the area right now-- we're at 42 at O'Hare, 35 in Aurora. So it is much cooler once you head inland into the Fox River Valley. And down into the Kankakee River Valley we're looking at 36. Even over into northwest Indiana, we're looking at temperatures a little bit cooler. That's where it's 34 in Valparaiso.

So our outlook for this weekend is plenty of sunshine. You'll need that sunscreen. And it's going to be very comfortable. You don't need the puffy coat or the winter gear. You'll need a jacket, let's be realistic. It's going to be chilly in the morning and the evening. But it will be unseasonably warm, in the 60s today, 70s tomorrow. And again, we do have that elevated fire danger that we are concerned about out there.

Now, we do have a few clouds out there. Not a real big deal, just a little tiny something-something disturbance that's passing by. But high pressure is going to take control and bring us gorgeous, gorgeous weather all weekend long. Lots of sunshine out there. And we're not going to see our first chance of rain until possibly Monday night to Tuesday. So we have a nice dry stretch.

Let's walk you through what's going to go on with our real-time weather tracker. Here we are this afternoon. Nothing going on. Then we head into tomorrow morning. We have a few clouds out there-- not a real big deal. The clouds will give way to some sunshine in the afternoon. So it'll be a mix of sun and clouds when you get out to have that egg hunt, perhaps, in the afternoon.

We get into Monday. We're going to be looking at clouds increasing, but no rain until, perhaps, Monday night and into Tuesday. That is the beginning of a very unsettled period for the remainder of the week.

So dry today, a tiny chance of a sprinkle tomorrow, but really, I don't think 8% is worth mentioning. But here we go. Monday night, 18% chance. And then for the remainder of the week, you can see that our chances climb. So we are going to have a chance of a shower or storm each and every day after Monday.

68 degrees out there. Enjoy, because we should be right around 50 for this time of year. And tomorrow, it's going to be even nicer. We're going to be looking at 73 degrees, which is really a gift from Mother Nature. We hang on to the 70s for our Monday and our Tuesday. But then we'll see that chance of rain and storms increasing, and that is going to follow us all the way into the end of the week. Marissa?

- Unseasonably warm temperatures for the weekend. I think you just became the favorite person of the newscast Tammie, thank you.