Chicago Weather: Very Sunny Friday

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the forecast.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: Here's a live look outside now where we're seeing a brief return of winter. Temperatures, they are pretty brutal, at least for this time of year. Just how brief though on that winter, Mary Kay is here with a real time look at the forecast, Mary Kay.

MARY KAY KLEIST: We just have to put up with this cold night, Irika, and then things turn around for us. But skies will be clear as high pressure dominates our weather picture. But wow, it's going to be a cold one. 22 tonight in Aurora. 22 in LaPorte. 21 tonight in Rensselaer. And about 24 in Morris. Some of the far outlying suburbs, especially in DeKalb County, could actually be falling into the upper teens tonight. So it's the coldest night of the week. But tomorrow, sunshine returns and the winds start to shift.

This is significant because today we had strong northerly winds keeping it cold. And as we turn, winds more out of the southwest, that will help get us back to near normal levels with full sunshine throughout the day. Normal highs, 53. We'll be pretty close to that. But then we're going well above average on the weekend. Right on your Easter weekend, we're bringing 67 in on Saturday with a stronger southwesterly wind. On Sunday, up to 70. But I think as those south winds stay under 10 miles per hour, we could get a little bit of a lake breeze developing.

So I think lake breeze, lakeside temperatures because of that breeze on Sunday will be in the middle 60s for us. But you know what, we're going in the right direction temperature wise. Next week, mid 70s, Monday and Tuesday. And even after that front comes through, holding in the mid 60s on Wednesday. But it was so cold today. 39 was our official high temperature. It was 37 in Waukegan. Only 34 in Valparaiso. And 32 in LaPorte. We've had those stiff winds all day. Right now, they're out of the northeast at 9. We have a lot of sunshine, but it is chilly out there.

And those winds pulling across the lake, especially in northwest Indiana, that generated all those lake enhanced snow flurries today and it's making it feel like 20 in LaPorte. Feels like 26 and Gary. 27 in Rensselaer. But now the clouds and the flurries coming to an end as that ridge of high pressure gets right overhead tonight. So what that's going to mean is the winds started to relax, skies clear, and that's going to create the fast falling temperatures. So sunshine to start the morning. Sunshine throughout the day for your Friday. Highs reaching about 50 at O'Hare, staying in the upper 40s in many places here in northwest Indiana.

But at least we get a nice bright day with winds turning southerly at 10-15 miles per hour. After that, for the weekend, it looks like Saturday we'll see a high of 67 degrees. Then on Easter Sunday, nice to put a 70 with sunshine right on your Easter. After that, mid 70s Monday into Tuesday. That front coming in Tuesday night Wednesday. But even after the fact, Irika, not so bad. On the other side of it, we'll still hold in the mid 60s at least, and that's 10 degrees warmer than normal.

IRIKA SARGENT: Yeah, that is mild and we will take it. Thank you, Mary Kay.