Chicago Weather: Warm Up This Weekend

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

- A live look outside now. Not exactly swimming weather just yet. Oh no, don't go out in the lake. But an overall lovely Easter weekend. Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the real time forecast. Some nice weather in store this weekend, Mary Kay.

MARY KAY KLEIST: And lots of sunshine. But you're right, Erica. Don't jump in. That water temperature's 48 degrees. So I think we'll wait a little minute. 50 is where we made it to today. And that's where we stand right now. We had a sunrise at 6:32, sunset at 7:19. But winds are pretty gusty out of the South and Southwest, and temperatures are at 50 most places except for Valparaiso, Rensselaer, and Laporte.

And also up here into Waukegan where, we have 45 degrees. It's 52 in Morris and in Ottawa. Winds are gusty, though, straight out of the South to 24 miles per hour at Midway. Winds to 25 in DeKalb, but that helps to tap that milder air and pull it into the picture for us. So if you have plans this evening, we'll keep it a little breezy as temperatures start falling into the lower 40s.

A nice clear sky though for us. I think as we go through the night, we stay clear. But toward morning, a weak disturbance could bring a few scattered clouds around, especially in Northwest Indiana here 7:00 AM Saturday. But those quickly scour out.

We're left with lots of sunshine in the afternoon, and pushing that temperature warmer than today to about 66 degrees in Joliet, 63 in Waukegan, 64 for a high in Gary. And then Saturday night looking nice, not as cold. So when you wake up Sunday morning, Easter, morning temperatures, will begin at 46, Midway.

42 in Rensselaer and 44 degrees in Ottawa. And then in the afternoon on Easter Sunday, we're going to warm up to 75 degrees in Joliet, 74 in Ottawa and McHenry. But notice the cool spot here, Waukegan. 59 degrees. I think the winds will lighten up enough on Easter Sunday to give us a little bit of a lake breeze.

So we're going to watch for that because winds will be strong tomorrow, keeping all areas mild into the 60s. And then on Easter Sunday, still mostly sunny but that southeasterly wind will keep the North Shore probably in the 60s. Otherwise, we'll go with about 72. But as you saw those far Western suburbs, that's where we'll probably see high temperatures in the mid-70s on Sunday.

So for tonight, skies will be clear. Your forecast calls for about 38 degrees. Breezy tomorrow, mostly sunny. 67 for the afternoon high. And you know what? Monday, we're even warmer. 74 degrees, Tuesday still in the 70s. Then by the middle of the week, we taper it down into the mid-60s.

There's actually a front that's going to get stuck around. And that's going to give us chances for isolated thunderstorms, probably Monday and into Tuesday. And then once we get on the cooler side of that system, we'll see scattered showers come Wednesday. But even after that, there's not a dramatic drop in the temperature. We'll see 64 on Thursday and 59 on Friday. So Erica, as we go through Easter weekend it keeps getting warmer.

- It does. Good reasons to get outside. Thank you, Mary Kay.