Chicago Weather: Warmer Sunday, But April Snow Possible Tuesday

CBS 2 Meteorologist Ed Curran has the 7 a.m. forecast for Sunday, April 18, 2021.

Video Transcript


ED CURRAN: We have a mix of clouds and sunshine across Chicago area right now. 40 degrees at O'Hare. 37 in Aurora. 34 degrees in Gary, Indiana. We've started to warm up a little bit in northwest Indiana where the coldest temperatures were overnight.

Very calm wind conditions around the Chicago area and we have quite a few clouds out here as well. Similar to yesterday, we'll get some sunshine through and in between the clouds as well. And we're going to warm up a little bit over what we saw yesterday. We were in the mid-50s yesterday, today I think we'll make the low 60s, again, partly sunny skies. 62 degrees at O'Hare is what we're looking for. That's a pretty typical temperature for this time of year, maybe a couple degrees higher than you'd expect.

And by this afternoon, we do have a chance for an isolated shower or two, a lot of you won't see anything at all. Tomorrow afternoon some showers around Chicago as a cold front comes through. And then that cold front can bring us some snow as we head into Tuesday. So we're taking a look at a real drop in temperatures as we head into Tuesday.

But for today, low 60s, tomorrow mid-50s with a chance for some showers in the afternoon as the cold front comes through. And that gives us only 45 on Tuesday, a little rain, a little snow, perhaps a little accumulation, especially in grassy areas. And then we warm up back to the upper 50s, closer to where we ought to be by the end of the week.