Chicago Weather: Warmer Temperatures Heading Our Way

CBS 2 Meteorologist Robb Ellis has your 5:30 p.m. RealTime Weather forecast for Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Video Transcript


- A clear day and warmer temperatures are heading our way. Robb Ellis is here with the real-time forecast.

ROBB ELLIS: Yeah, we've had just a few clouds start to sneak in, and that trend is going to continue through tonight and into tomorrow. But a lot of sunshine. Look what it's done to the temperatures, 60s and 70s, a little bit of influence of the lake here. We expected that today with a bit of an east wind. It's keeping you cooler.

It's only 59 in Whiting, but you don't have to go too far to Tinley Park. 71 is the current temperature there. So a good bit of variability, but the lake's having an influence, and that will start to change starting tonight and into tomorrow. We will expect to see the temperatures cool down a bit. Notice this east-southeast wind becoming more of a south wind as we get into the overnight.

That means things are going to change. The lake won't have as much of an influence. But notice the clouds also staying into our forecast. I'm going to call it partly cloudy overnight. I think we'll get some breaks here and there. And you get 53 for your overnight low-- still a bit on the cooler side, but a little bit warmer than where we have been. And each and every day, we've been taking those temperatures up a bit.

Here's how it will look on satellite and radar track. You're going to notice some of those clouds coming in, but then by morning, a bit of a break in some of the clouds. That's why I'm calling it partly cloudy skies. And I'm going to do the same thing for tomorrow, for your Memorial Day. I do think you'll see some sunshine. But I also think you're going to see some clouds roll through.

You may get kind of a hazy sunshine during part of the day. You may get a few more clouds as we get towards the end of the day. Temperatures, though, still helped out by those south winds, getting up into the mid-70s. It should be quite a nice forecast for you for your Memorial Day.

So here's how we'll start things off, into the 50s and 60s. Very quickly, we should be able to get to 70 or so by noon. And then by the afternoon, mid-70s. Average high this time of year is about 75. We're not going to be too far from that for tomorrow. And then each every-- each and every day after that, we should be able to add a few more degrees onto the temperature here.

Keep in mind that average high is 75. We'll be a little warmer than that by Tuesday. Bit of a cool down as we get into Wednesday. That's going to be our day when we have the best chance for rain. But after that, we expect to continue warming up. And next weekend is looking pretty good as well.

Here's the seven-day forecast. Partly cloudy for Tuesday. Looks like the rain chances on Wednesday are starting to ramp up a little bit. For now, I'm going to call it scattered showers, but a few isolated thunderstorms could be possible. I'll carry that over into your Thursday. But after that, it's looking pretty good. Very summer-like for next weekend.

Next weekend's looking pretty good, mid-80s for most of you and a lot of sunshine expected. So you have a couple of rain chances in there, but starting to feel a lot more like summer, Jim.

- Very good. Thank you, Robb.