Chicago Weather: Warmup In Effect

CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis has the forecast.

Video Transcript

ROBB ELLIS: 39 for O'Hare. We actually gained a degree over the last hour. 39 for Evanston, 37 for Gary. The temperatures are a little bit cooler in some spots, but everywhere I've been looking on the map has been above freezing, even as we head to the north and west.

The coolest spot I can find is 33. That's Huntley. But we are seeing the temperatures above freezing, even to the west. There's a freezing temperature. Rochelle at 32. 33 for Malta. We've got 34 in Elburn.

Farther to the south and west we go. A couple of 40s showing up here. Marseilles at 40 and Medwin here at 40 degrees.

I think we're going to see these temperatures remain very mild through this morning and even warm up a bit, especially as we start to kick in with a little bit of a south component added with some sunshine. Sunshine is going to struggle a little bit because it's trying to warm us up. We have all that snow cover on the ground. It's not as effective as it normally would be.

We'll add a few clouds during the afternoon. Expect to see some sunshine coming and going. I'm hoping the high thin clouds will move out enough that we won't get that kind of milky sunshine that we saw yesterday.

44 for today and then 44 tomorrow. Most of the seven-day forecast is in the 40s. I'll show you coming up in the 5 o'clock hour.

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