Chicago Weather: Wet Snow Coming This Weekend

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now, live look outside this Friday afternoon. Not bad. We made it, Mary Kay. We made it, didn't we?

MARY KAY KLEIST: We did. We did, and we only have a few scattered flurries around this evening, and especially south of I-80, but we can enjoy a lot of sunshine tomorrow, although it will be colder than normal. And then I'm tracking snow. Accumulating snow for Sunday, and this is going to be the wet, heavy stuff, so that's what I'm watching.

Our snow forecast, even though the amounts are not that great, at most we could see two to three inches, basically north of I-80. Isolated four-inch amounts are certainly possible, lesser amounts to the south. The concern is with it being so moisture loaded, that is going to put a great weight on our snow pack, so if we do that on Sunday, and then Monday, go to 35 and hit 40 for a couple of days, I know people peak at this and love this forecast, but it brings real concerns, because this will then create river flooding, ice jams on area rivers, and falling ice throughout the city as well, and other flood issues, too, because then it will be just standing water.

So right now, we have sunshine in Waukegan and Gary, but we have clouds now at both airports. 19 degrees, 17 right now for you in Aurora. So going through this evening, scattered flurries, maybe a snow shower, not a big thing. Then as we get into the morning, a cold start to your Saturday. Two below in Aurora, two above in DeKalb, but sunshine.

That'll look pretty nice, and instead of going to 37 where we should this time of year, we're only going to 24 at O'Hare and Waukegan. 22 in Gary. 19 degrees in [? La Porte, ?] then heading into Saturday night, Sunday morning, we're going to watch that system come at us from the west, and I'm thinking by lunchtime, a few scattered snow showers may start, but the bulk of the accumulation really coming in the afternoon, and as the sun goes down.

So what we expect this weekend, half dry, half snowy, and especially Sunday afternoon and evening. Because we have dry air in place in the morning, clouds will be with us at 7:00 AM, but what's so interesting about this storm is the storm track. This is different, because as it lifts to the north, it's going to open the door for this mild air to sneak in. We could have rain at times, and even some freezing rain. That's what this pink ribbon is here. Real concerns, bringing a lot of moisture into the picture. Luckily, it's short lived. It moves out by Monday morning.

Now, as far as amounts go, as I mentioned, not great amounts. This model giving us about an inch and a half. Locally, we're looking at about 1.3 at Midway and Waukegan. 1.4 at McHenry, but I'm thinking that with the moisture that's available and a heavier snow band or two, we could see those three or four inch isolated totals.

So on Sunday, that's our concern for more of a wet snow, and again, that's going to add to the weight of our snow pack around, even though we come above freezing here Monday. Look at that. Monday through Friday above freezing with two days of 40 degrees, so we do have the thawing concerns, but boy, it'll be nice to just thaw out a little bit temperature-wise.

- There's a lot going for us on that seven day, Mary Kay. 40s and some sunshine. Thank you.