Chicago Weather: Wet For The Weekend

CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a check on the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

MARY KAY KLEIST: Kind of quiet for us heading into this evening, but that all changes tomorrow. Soaking rains will happen, and I'm concerned with an afternoon and early evening severe weather threat. We could have some strong thunderstorms. And then on Sunday now, the new Storm Track is keeping leftover showers in the forecast. Nice to see a little sunshine, though, from the buildings downtown. 60 is where we stand. A gusty southwest wind today. That's why everybody's so mild.

Tomorrow, the wind will be straight off the lake. So I think along the lakefront tomorrow we'll be stuck in the 40s, with wind and with rain. So we have this area of low pressure we've been watching that brought us the sprinkles today. That's on the way out. Now we're looking to the south. This storm is generating a lot of severe weather on the eastern edge of this here, and this is going to be moving into St. Louis as well. Now, for tomorrow, we have a marginal risk for severe storms for all of the areas in green. That's a 1 on a scale of 1 to 5.

By far, the stronger weather is expected on the tail end of the system there for the Gulf Coast, where they have an enhanced risk. That's because that's where the front is going to pull a lot of moisture in from the Gulf of Mexico, the low itself. Now here's the new track. This new data is showing that-- the models are showing that the low is going to go right over Lake Michigan. So that means on Sunday, we're going to have to deal with more rain in the morning and again in the afternoon, as the low pressure moves toward Detroit as the sun starts to set on Sunday night.

So here's how the weekend plays out. Rain, yes. Thunder, yes. A very high chance of rain tomorrow, especially as we get into the early afternoon hours. And then Saturday night into Sunday, leftover rain showers. Some spots could see an inch, or almost two inches of rain if you get under those heavy downpours. And we do dry out starting on Monday. So get ready for a wet weekend.

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