Chicago Weather: Wind Advisory Until Midnight

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has the 5 p.m. forecast for Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: A live look outside. It's cooling down a bit and getting a little windy. Mary Kay is here with the real-time update on those gusts and the rain on the way. MK.

MARY KAY KLEIST: Yeah, all of the wind is ahead of our cold front. Strong winds today. Highest so far to 44 miles per hour in Valparaiso, also into Rensselaer. Winds to 41 in Morris and Midway. But we're saying so far, because I expect the winds to get higher between now and midnight before the front comes through. That's why the National Weather Service is holding all of us under a wind advisory for those gusts to pick up 45 to even 50 miles per hour heading into this evening. So we have high winds this evening, then we're adding rain.

I think the time frame for the organized rain would be between midnight and daybreak. And then for the morning rush, a few leftover scattered showers are possible. But then I do think dry air is going to sneak in and clear us out for the afternoon. Look at this. 72 today in Joliet for the high temperature, 70 in Morris, 70 in Ottowa. We hit 69 officially again at O'Hare just like yesterday. And 68 degrees in Waukegan. It is so mild out there now. We're holding at 67.

But boy, are those winds strong. Right now gusting to 39 miles per hour in Valparaiso and at O'Hare. Aurora winds to 32. So strong winds are holding temperatures everywhere in the mid and upper 60s. Even the lakefront is mild because the wind flow is so strong. It's ahead of the front. Look at the rain here across Iowa. That will be ours as we move through the night. Hour by hour winds stay with us. Rain moves in after midnight.

And I'm thinking between midnight and daybreak, that is going to be the best chance to see this organized line of rain move through. You might even hear rumble of thunder. That could actually wake you up. And then early in the morning, Northwest Indiana being favored with the scattered leftover showers. And I think by the afternoon, drier air sets in and that starts the clearing in the afternoon. So morning showers tomorrow, 59 degrees, still breezy.

Friday, lots of sunshine, mostly sunny skies. And you know what, this is the weekend when we spring forward. Daylight saving time begins 2:00 AM on Sunday. A few showers Sunday afternoon. This weekend, temperatures do go back to reality, into the 40s. Still mild tomorrow and Friday. But we may just start with a little bit of rain in the morning. But otherwise, a good looking afternoon tomorrow.

BRAD EDWARDS: Yeah. Thank you, Mary Kay.