Chicago Weekend: Nice Weekend Ahead

CBS 2 meteorologist Tammie Souza has a look at the extended forecast.

Video Transcript

TAMMIE SOUZA: Welcome back. I'm meteorologist Tammie Souza. Let's take a look along the North Shore. Isn't this spectacular? It has been nearly a week since we've had lovely sunshine like this, and we're going to get at least three days of it, three more days. Right now at O'Hare, it is 45. Feels like 42 because of these winds out of the east coming off of the lake, about six miles an hour.

Now, not everybody is warm and toasty. Right along the lakeshore, 40 in Waukegan, 39 in Gary. But let's go inland. 50 for Aurora, 51 in Ottawa. So the further inland you get, the warmer you are. Our real-time weather, there's nothing going on. It's really there. That would be our radar and our satellite, nothing going on. You have to go south across Kentucky to see any clouds in the area. And that's going to be the case the next couple of days.

So here we are. Saturday, 5:00 in the evening, nothing. High pressure's in control. Sunday, we have lots of sunshine. Monday, clouds increase. And it isn't until Tuesday that we see our next rainmaker that comes into the area. That lingers into Wednesday morning. So we're going to get three absolutely gorgeous days out of this.

30 tonight, clear skies out there. The winds will be out of the northeast, 10 to 15 miles an hour. It should be a very pleasant evening if you're going to be out and about. Now, tomorrow, 55 degrees. A little cooler by the lake, though. 63 on Sunday, 65 on Monday. I know you're hoping there's a seven-day. There's not, I'm sorry. We'll do 60 on Tuesday. The rain comes in and ends late on Wednesday morning. But look at this. We stay very mild for the next seven days. Marie? Brad?